Gold’s 3.4 Billion Dollar Order Is Waiting to Get Real

This is still a 3.483 Billion Dollar order waiting to get real. As of this early morning, Gold’s Overall Open Interest…

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Great and Wonderful Friday Folks,

      Gold is flat to lower in the early morning with the trade at $1,914, down $2.30 after dipping down to $1,895.20 with the high so far today up at $1,923.60. Silver is down 16.9 cents with the trade at $24.07 recovering from the low at $23.58 with the high up at $24.285. The US Dollar is up 13.3 points with the value pegged at 93.895, after passing the double zeros again, with the high at 94.09 and the low much closer at 93.76. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Nancy and team decided to give themselves a higher relief package instead of learning how to spend within a budget. Please don’t get me wrong here, funds are definitely needed for those that got their jobs canceled by politics. I’m simply waiting to see the list of added-on benefactors. Will these additional funds go to a group of “woke” colleges and institutions, that are currently being defunded because they teach worst-case socialism instead of teaching our children exceptionalism, which is to stand on their own two feet, live within their abilities, adapt, and to thrive on their own earned incomes?

      Could it be the Emerging Markets Currencies we watch, are leading today’s US$ futures prices? It’s something to consider, maybe, with Venezuela’s Bolivar now pricing Gold at 19,116.08, a gain of 118.87 Bolivar with Silver’s price now at 240.399 it too gaining 3.246 Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso price for Gold is now at 145,812.36, an increase of 973.08 Peso’s with Silver price gaining 26.41 with the last trade at 1,833.26 A-Peso’s. Gold under the Turkish Lira also gained 93.42 T-Lira’s with the last trade at 14,812.32, Silver under the same conditions is now priced at 186.343, gaining 0.314 of a T-Lira. 

      October Silver’s Delivery Demands now has a post of 735 fully paid for contracts with a Volume of 12 up on the board and a trading range between $24.05 and $23.58 with the last swap at the high, down 14.3 cents from yesterday’s fix. Thursday’s activity inside the deliveries happened in between $23.975 and $23.395 with the last buy at the high with the calculated Comex close figured at $24.19, up 76 cents, and where no trade was made, which included a Volume of 214 which also increased today’s demand count by 68 contracts. Silver’s Overall Open Interest also increased by 625 Contracts bringing today’s early morning total to 155,514 Overnighters to go against the physicals. 

      October Gold’s Delivery Demands now has a post of 18,263 fully paid for contracts up on the board with a trading range between $1,913 and $1,893.90 with the last buy at $1,907.20, down $1.20 with a total of 101 contracts swapping hands already. Yesterday’s activity inside the deliveries happened in between $1,909.60 and $1,882.50 with the last buy at $1,903.50 with the cCc at $1,908.40. This is still a 3.483 Billion Dollar order waiting to get real. As of this early morning, Gold’s Overall Open Interest is tallied at 557,424 proving a gain of 768 shorts to trade against the physicals. And just in time too, since we have the Unemployment numbers to deal with in under an hours’ time.

       5 days from today we’ll have another biased debate between the President and all the socialists inside the challengers earpiece and with another clear and pure Joe supporter to ask the fair and balanced questions. I wonder if this debate committee will ever allow the president to pick a narrator, after all Trump did request another Joe to moderate, and it appears the main stream media, cannot let that happen because Joe Rogan is not one of them. Something else that is happening is the NYTimes admits WHO’s decision, not to close our borders at the start of the plandemic, was based on “Politics”, Not Science. We all remember the continued Xenophobic remarks being made with Nancy going to China town to say “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and how the left was claiming they had science on their side. So, what’s the difference between real science and media promoted (or is it programmed) science? It’s right here being used to support a political side.

      Something else came up last night, our Justice Department sent this …. Proposed Amendments To Address Interest Rate Benchmarks…. “ISDA’s process, including its cooperation with government regulators and its consultation-driven process for obtaining feedback from industry participants, has had the effect of clarifying the practical issues involved in planning for when LIBOR and other IBORs are no longer available and preparing for a smooth transition away from IBORs to other reference rates,” ….. “This is in part because investigations by U.S. and regulators from other jurisdictions uncovered explicit manipulation of the submissions from certain banks to administrators of LIBOR and other interest rate benchmarks. In addition, the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority, LIBOR’s regulator, has publicly stated that firms cannot rely on LIBOR being published after 2021.”

Is this Brexit or another exit?

      Enjoy your weekend and keep the attitudes positive. If you are in possession of physical Silver and Gold, and it’s in your hand, you have more reasons to Don’t worry Be Happy. As Always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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