Gold Tier 1 Asset Price Strength vs Silver | Vince Lanci

Metals & Markets: What might be the catalysts for silver to catch a bid? VInce joins the show to week to explore that and a whole lot more…

Vince Lanci of Echobay Partners interviewed by James Anderson for SD Bullion

Silver and gold both had positive week’s in fiat US dollar spot price action climbing about a single percentage point or two respectively since last week.

The spot silver price closed the week around the $15.25 per troy ounce mark while the spot gold price finished the week around the $1,415 fiat Federal Note per troy ounce mark.

The gold-silver ratio is still hovering around 30-year highs, closing the week near 93 ounces of derivative silver to acquire 1 ounce of derivative spot price gold.

This week we welcome a new guest to this silver and gold podcast.

Hear why this long-time gold trader believes the yellow precious monetary metal has been trading stronger than the fiat silver price of late.

How long he thinks this trend may continue along. As well, what are some catalysts that might change the pattern?

We also touch on the Gold-Silver Ratio, where it may go and why.


Welcome to this week’s Metals & Markets Wrap, this week, we welcome a new guest to this precious metals podcast.

Long-time commodity trader, specializing in gold and silver derivatives throughout his career. Mr. Vince Lanci of Echobay Partners, thank you for coming on our podcast.

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Vince, for myself and our listeners, can you give us a background of your experience in commodity trading?

Specifically, why did you get drawn to this as a career path?

Currently, you are focused on and trading in the gold derivatives markets, yet you stated to me that the silver market is your first love. Why are fond of silver? For what underlying reasons?

Lately, the silver spot price continues to flounder versus gold’s spot price. Silver is still showing little to no strength as it might normally do when gold derivative contract prices are climbing. Is this more than gold leads at the beginning of bullion bull markets?

Why do you think we are we now seeing historic Gold-Silver Ratio levels at near 30-year highs, hovering around 93?

How much higher and longer might this go before a reversion the more extended term averages and medians?

What might be the catalyst(s) for silver spot prices to catch a building bid ahead?

After about six downward and sideways years for gold longs, why is the gold spot price showing so much strength of late?

What, if any, additional points might the precious metals interested crowd is missing or not factoring in currently?

Thanks for taking the time today to speak with us, Vince.

How can people find you and follow your work?

Thanks for tuning into our podcast this week.


About the Author/Interviewer

James Anderson has a BA in finance from Loyola University New Orleans. He has both worked and invested in the physical investment grade bullion markets prior to the 2008 global financial crisis.

James’ twitter is @JamesHenryAnd and he has authored SD Bullion’s complementary 21st Century Gold Rush Book.