Gold’s The One Performer To Act As A TRUE SAFE HAVEN Asset In Downturn Of Business Cycle

As economic data releases and reports offer more evidence of where we are in the business cycle, gold, silver and the miners are set-up to push a lot higher…

Tavi Costa interviewed on Palisade Radio

Tavi outlines where we are at in the business cycle and the risks he sees in the financial system. Gold is the real safe-haven asset and is looking increasingly useful, and silver appears set to outperform. Most juniors remain undervalued, and he is quite bullish on the entire metals industry. Bitcoin is also quite attractive at this price level. He remains cautious on copper as it is challenging to make a case for it in this environment.

Time Stamp References:
0:50 – The business cycle and silver.
5:40 – Juniors and early discoveries.
7:40 – Bitcoin and hedges against market turmoil.
10:30 – Dealing with short term movement and your thesis.
12:30 – Evaulating data and finding what is important.
13:30 – Copper is hard to make a case for currently.