Gold, The Next Dot-Com Bubble

Today’s environment brings a host of opportunities and dangers for investors…

Lior Gantz on Palisade Radio

Tom welcomes returning guest Lior Gantz to the show. Lior is the editor of Wealth Research Group.

Lior discusses the major shift with people working from home and avoiding the office. Many industries aren’t coming back the way they used to, from airlines to sports. Habits are changing, and this is going to stay with us for a few more years. He says, “These changes have nothing to do with the lethality of the pandemic.” Today’s environment brings a host of opportunities and dangers for investors.

Lior discusses when to take advantage of buying opportunities and when to sell. The real bubble is in bonds, and when that money moves to other assets, there will be enormous upside. Corporations and investors are fixated on zero interest rates and will likely remain until a new monetary system. People should take a core position in physical metals to weather any storm that may come. Then look for ways to invest for gains in this environment.

He discusses what to look for in companies and why you want to be very selective. You want competent management with good derisking skills that have successfully advanced and sold companies in past cycles. There are tremendous returns that can be made during gold bull markets.

Lior discusses the potential of Millenials and how the demographics of America and the world are changing.

Lastly, he outlines China’s potential and what a multi-polar world could look like from a currency perspective and the potential benefits of digital currencies.

Time Stamp References:
1:15 – Changes due to the pandemic.
5:10 – Buying opportunities and retirement.
12:05 – The gold playbook.
16:25 – Evaluating speculative companies.
20:20 – Price expectations for companies.
24:30 – Silver and retail investors.
25:15 – Millenial purchasing power.
31:30 – Risks for the US Dollar.
35:00 – Investments versus careers.