Gold Tests $1,700 And Silver Tests $14.35, Stocks Soar On Fed & Govt Intervention And Manipulation

The question is, has the cartel lost control of the gold & silver “market”?

(by Half Dollar) The cartel is very close to losing control of the gold & silver market.

Right now, a lot of relatively intelligent people are beginning to understand that the entire global financial system as we know it hinges on one single thing – control of gold & silver, and especially silver.

Here are just a few things the cartel has to juggle, in no particular order and without over-thinking it:

  • Just in time physical delivery of large size for industrial use.
  • Sufficient availability and selection to the retail investor so as not to raise eyebrows.
  • Interconnectedness of multiple physical and paper gold & silver markets worldwide.
  • A willingness of the sheeple to gamble in a rigged casino (a.k.a. the paper markets).
  • And so on and so forth, etcetera.

And believe it or not, but physical silver is actually a thing, and it’s a precious metal on top of that!

Silver is not just something that’s in demand, but silver’s demanded, and what makes silver even more special is the fact that silver is the money of the people.

So it should come as no surprise that as financial markets and real economies collapse around the world, well, this:

Gold & silver have been bid, are bid, and will remain bid.

The US stock market has soared because apparently the Fed, the Trump Administration & the US Federal Government are going all-in on the stock market:


We’ll see what they do with it next, however, it should be noted that during Monday night’s Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing, President Trump couldn’t stop praising and talking about the importance of the US stock market.