Gold LAUNCHES Above $1870 & Silver SKYROCKETS As Consumer Price Inflation SURGES, Comes In WAY HIGHER Than Wage Growth

The hyperinflationary fire was lit long ago. The only question is…

(by Half Dollar) Having a hard time keeping up?

That’s not a bug.

It’s a feature.

Or something.

And by “something”, I mean, “Vile Evil”.

Nonetheless, here’s a recap: Early last week, the first week of November, Biden said, ““wages have gone up higher, faster than inflation”, and then last Friday, the Bureau of Lying Sadists Labor Statistics released the latest Jobs Report, which showed that wages have actually gone up lower and slower than inflation, which brings us to the latest official inflation report, and at face value, once again, we see that consumer price inflation is indeed rising way faster than wages.

Specifically, according to their own rigged statistics over at the BLS, over the last year, through October of 2021, wages have risen 4.9% while consumer price inflation has risen 6.2%.

In other words, get ready for the onslaught of rate hike talk from the Fed’s usual Armchair Quarterbacks, Enablers, Propagandists, Sympathizers, Shills and Worse as not only is there something seriously wrong with the math, but even an idiot like me can understand that the number of dollars I keep in the “financial system” is exactly zero more than I need on a daily basis.

Said differently, it’s “Rate Hike or Die” time, if only to provide the narrative to crash the stock market, pocket the “winnings” on the downside, and, among other things, bring on the next round of money printing.

Back to the topic at hand, the CPI, of course, at best, is pure lies mixed in with old-fashioned propaganda:

And at worst?

Ah, nevermind.

I don’t really feel like talking about the Wholesale Slaughter of Elderly Americans and the Mass Enslavement of America’s Youth today.

Regardless, the problem now is simple: Generally speaking, all prices are rising at alarming rates, and the painful part of it is that the prices which are rising the fastest are on all of the things we need to live, such as housing, transportation, food, energy, and all of that other stuff that makes modern day life possible.

That is to say, something must give as life is becoming increasingly difficult for people who do not understand how to navigate this end stage of the hyperinflation of the US Dollar, which is only achieved by getting out of your excess dollars just as fast as they come in, which is truly accomplished by spending those increasingly worthless dollars on something real that you can save for later, hold, use, build on, grow on, drive, eat, or whatever.

Additionally, if the understating of inflation by way of official and unofficial policies wasn’t bad enough, there’s a new “flation” in town, and it’s called “Scamflation”.

Gold & silver surged on the news:


So, everything in the entire world is absolutely skyrocketing in price, and yet, gold & silver are still down on the year?

In so many ways, gold & silver, one in the same, is the very last line of defense for the Cartel.

It’s about to get ugly in the “markets”.

We already know what’s happening on Main Street…