Gold & Silver To Face “Normalized Job Market, Economy Recovered” Narrative As Unemployment PLUNGES To 3.9% And The 199,000 Jobs Created Look A Lot Like Pre-Zombie Apocalypse Numbers!

With a fifth consecutive month of sweet job growth in “transportation and warehousing”, get ready to retire the phrase “supply chain disruptions” too!

(by Half Dollar) The Employment Situation Report, commonly called the “Jobs Report”, has just been released for the month of December, 2021.

According to the BLS, in December:

  • Total employment rose by 199,000
  • Unemployment rate fell another 0.3% to 3.9%
  • Labor force participation little changed at 61.9%
  • Average hourly earnings rose by $0.19 to $31.31 per hour

These numbers seem on par for a Pre-Zombie Apocalypse economy, at least in a Ministry of Plenty kind of sense.

From the first paragraph of the report (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 199,000 in December, and the unemployment rate
declined to 3.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment
continued to trend up
in leisure and hospitality, in professional and business services,
in manufacturing, in construction, and in transportation and warehousing.

For many months, I have been reporting on the “transportation and warehousing” gains that were noted in the first paragraph of the “jobs” “report”, such as in November, in October, in September, in August, and in so on, and so forth, and while I don’t really remember just exactly when “transportation and warehousing” had become a default setting in the monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Lying Sadists Labor Statistics, I’m pretty sure that job growth in transportation and warehousing have been on the up-and-up for well over a full year, so it stands to reason that contrary to the pain in breaking-up with the word “transitory”, the phrase “supply chain disruptions” will be shown the door faster than they can even figure out where that door is!

That’s right folks, because not only have we Built America Back Bestest Than We Ever Made America Greater Again, but the store shelves have been overflowing with so many wonderful and well-priced products that sometimes I find it hard to walk between the Isles of Abundance with so much glorious merchandise flooding the mopped-but-not-yet-waxed floors.


And not to worry.

They’ll get the floor wax in soon too.

Just mind the insignificant, local technicalities, of course:

Minor inconveniences, really.

Gold & silver have been off to an obvious start to the year, with silver having an especially rough go of it: