Gold & Silver Spot Prices Could Drop But Premiums Would Rise And Supply Could Run Dry

Lynette Zang says that waiting on a drop or a crash could mean ultimately paying more by way of higher premiums, or missing out altogether. Here’s why…

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

Question 1. BlueMariner777-How can they falsely push down the spot gold market when folks are buying real gold based on those prices. Aren’t they doing something illegal to falsely push the market down?

Question 2. Wayne C: if physical gold/silver prices are tied to the spot price by the metals brokers, should I wait until after the crash to buy physical gold/silver at the lower prices?

Question 3. Michael B: How is the total asset value of the Global Bond counted? Is it counted based on the current market value or is it valued on the maturity value of all the bonds?

Question 4. Kevin K: I notice that the Fed is no longer publishing the Interbank loan information. Update?

Question 5. Laura K: January 2018 the banks stopped lending to one another. The same thing happened in 2008. What month in 2008? I’m interested to know how much time it was from the time they stopped lending, till the collapse. It might give us an idea of when the next one will happen.

Question 6. Mark H: can you include in a q&a session something about the paper to gold/silver ratio just added to the us debt clock web page bottom left if you go and look very interesting.

Question 7. Anthony G: when it comes time to pay the debt, what the hell are we going to use to pay other than our land, resources, blood? Is this part of the Act of 1871 when the US went bankrupt and became a corporation under admiralty law?

Question 8. Dave: How fast would the metal supply dry up in a huge turn up in metal prices?