Gold & Silver Prices To Rise To $1,650 And $30 By 2020

Several dynamics are converging that could lead to gold surging by 30% and silver surging by 80% this year. Here are the details…

by Mark O’byrne via GoldCore

Gold To Outperform Stocks Again In 2019 As Has Done In Last 15 Years

– Gold to outperform stocks again in 2019 as seen in 2018 and last 15 years
– Gold and silver likely to reach highs over $1,650 and $28 per ounce
– Gold likely to see 15% to 20% gains and silver to see 30% to 40% gains
– Given scale of under valuation, strong fundamentals including robust demand and anemic supply and high level of risk, gold may surge 30% in 2019 as it did in 2007 and 2010 and silver surge over 80% as it did in 2010
– Gold and silver in this scenario would rise from depressed prices of $1,285 and $15.60 today to $1,670 and $28 per ounce
– Past performance is no guarantee of future returns but it gives a good indication of possible returns
– Currency reset as predicted by Rickards and others would see gold to $5,000 to $10,000 and silver at over $250 per ounce