* * BREAK-OUT: Gold Breaks Through THE Resistance, Silver Surges * *

Thursday morning update: Silver continues its move higher, and the US dollar…

UPDATE IV (10:00 a.m. EST, Thursday, June 20th)

Silver continues it’s move higher post-FOMC:

Notice the dollar isn’t totally plunging either, but rather, it has been more of a fade than anything.


Update III (10:15 p.m. EST, Wednesday, June 19th):

Gold is staring down $1400 right now:

Remember that gold’s nemesis line is around $1378.

Silver has traded as high as $15.31:

Silver looks to be finding some very near-term support in the low $15.20’s.

Not that any of this was unexpected, of course.

In fact, we called it this morning (read below), and we said it looked like the metals want to run today.

Right here in our post-FOMC live-stream:

Tune-in to today’s live-stream in case you missed it, where we discuss interest rates, jobs, inflation, the stock market, what today’s FOMC means for gold & silver, and a whole lot more!


Update II:

We’ll get a new post going, and we’re about to debut brand new features on the website!

So tune-in and participate in the analysis!



We are working hard behind the scenes to stream live today at 2:30 p.m. EST with the best live, truly alt-media coverage of the June FOMC around!

We’ll keep you posted!

Stay tuned!


Lot’s of stuff going on today.

The most significant of which is the Fed’s ritual releasing of its FOMC meeting statement at 2:00 p.m. EST, a precise time at which the computerized robo-trading algorithms will play.

The best HFT algos, of course, have been written by players already knowing what the statement says, so essentially they’ll be scalping off of the trendy, black-box designer-algos that, while impressive in their own rights, do not have access to the exact statement well in advance, which allows said players to tweak the inputs even more to plunder even more loot.

Who are those players?


Just look at the revolving door between DOJ, Treasury, and other significant federal positions, and top performing wall street firms, funds, and banks, and there you will find the players.

But I digress.

The Fed makes its “decision” on interest rates, as if they actually were doing some random vote or something like that.

You see, one time I, or was it someone else, or was it a movie I watched, or what was it something someone told me?

Well it was one of those things.

Geez, I don’t remember.

You get my point.

Back to it.


This guy in the Army was in charge of tallying and calculating the scores for rifle qualifications.

That’s a big deal because deal because promotions in the Army are based off of, in part, a point system, and the better you shoot a rifle, the more points you would get towards qualifying for a move-up in rank.

Now, just like in voting, where it is not the votes that matter, but the person counting the votes that matters, in rifle qualification, it is not the shooting that matters, but the person keeping score.

Here’s the problem: In a buddy-buddy system, there are people with rank who can’t shoot worth a crap.

I mean, they couldn’t land a shot on Osama bin Laden if they were holding a loaded, chambered and cocked pistol, with the safety off, finger on the trigger, and the barrel touching the center of Osama’s fore-head.

That’s how bad they are.

You know the type.

The type of people you don’t want anywhere near you in a firefight?

In fact, you don’t even want them firing their weapons in the first place, because if they’re gonna inflict any casualties, it’d be those inflicted by means of friendly fire.

But it’s not really a big deal.

‘Cause they ain’t gettin’ in the firefights anyway.

Their content barkin’ out orders and pushin’ paper.

Chairborne Rangers.

But in the ultra-rare instances they would actually come under fire, well then.

They’d get stuck in their vehicle because the harness had worked its way in between their tacticool combat load-out and their vest.

Oh, how convenient.

Anyway, back to my point.

There is indeed one.

You would never want these people to have your back, and it’d probably get you killed by having theirs.

And yet.

This guy in the Army, knowing that these buddy-buddy “fast trackers”, who have all the rank and all the medals yet nary a combat deployment, had one of the said douche bags standing over his shoulder, and as the scores were tallied, when certain names came up, the score was not calculated by how the person actually shot, but rather, this guy in the Army was told what to put down as the score.

And as you can imagine, they were not low scores.

Quite the opposite.

Not perfect shooting, but close.

It didn’t matter what actually happened.

And that’s my point.

What mattered was what this guy in the Army put down as the score, and what was put down was what he was told to put down.

Let me say it a different way, because it is important, and I’ll ask it as a question: Does the test really matter if it is not even considered for the grade?

You see, when you are on the inside, and have access to the data, and the ability to do with it as you please.

It’s kinda like how the Deep State and Globalists can just print-up as much money as they want, to move markets wherever they want to.

Isn’t it?

Now, I wasn’t planning on this being a rant about manipulation, but since that’s how it ended up (I am, after all, just kinda “going with the flow” this week), I will say that It’s like what Jim Sinclair once said to Greg Hunter, and I’m paraphrasing (even though I’m gonna put it in quotes, because it is important), but you can watch the interview here to get the exact line –

“I don’t pretend to have any special skills or knowledge to have called the top in gold in 1980. Greg, I WAS TOLD”.

The Fed is in the spotlight.

Sooner or later.

The Fed.



At all.


But for now?

Yeah, get ready for the MSM love fest and the banker-politico circus side show.

Coming to you live at 2:30 p.m. EST where “reporters” tee-up balls for Fed Head Jerome Powell to walk-up to and hit.

In the odd chance he misses a tee’d-up ball?

Don’t worry.

They all count as hits.

He is, after all, a total rockstar.

More importantly, what about gold & silver?

Yesterday I asked if it was the day for the break-out.

It was not the day, but today might just be the day we get it.

Cartel’s having a dang hard time keeping gold under $1350 and silver under $15.

Today card carrying members of the cartel must be nervous.

Because everything, even the cryptos are surging.

Everything, that is, except the commodities,

And, more importantly, gold & silver.

So no matter what the cartel does, it’s all good for gold right now, and if it’s good for gold, it’s good for silver too.

As for the consensus on what the Federal Reserve branch of the cartel will do today?

For what it’s worth, there is 100% probability that there will be no rate hike:

In fact, there is a not insignificant probability that there will actually be a rate cut!

Think about that as you see the stock market within spitting distance of all-time highs:

The economy is in such dire straights that it needs massive shots of adrenaline, yet the stock market is at all time highs?

Of course, the VIX has been walked down below 15 again:

Because you can’t hit ’em with the shocker unless they are not expecting it.

I’m starting to think there will be an attempt made to roll the dollar over, but keep the dollar riding it’s 50-day moving average:

With some swings to either side to maintain the illusion of “markets”.

What I am not sure about is if they have that much control.

If they do have that much control, then we sure are a bunch of brainwashed zombies.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, everybody knows you can’t train a zombie, so how would you be able to brainwash one?”.

Good point.

I guess I’ll just stick with “sheeple” then.

Yield on the 10-Year Note is even further inverted with the Fed Funds Rate as of yesterday:

When that rate cut comes, 25 basis points ain’t gonna cut it.

Pun intended.

Neither will 50 basis points.

I think that as the “markets” are “anticipating” a rate cut, as such, yield on the 10-year note keeps falling, and these same “markets” will begin front-running a rising gold price.

Oh my.

It’s gonna be a turbo charger in the price of gold.

And silver?


Crude oil is back above $54 a barrel:

With this Iran war continued build-up, the oil market is about to get interesting.

Copper pivoted with crude yesterday:

And to think, the dollar hasn’t really begun its decline, yet when that happens, along with the increasing price of crude oil, that should put a turbo-charger into the price of copper.

Platinum is still down in the dumps:

Platinum, along with silver, in my opinion, are still in line for now what will be even more big-time upside surprises, and they will catch people off-guard.

Palladium is right back near record highs:

It will be very interesting watching palladium’s price action as gold & silver break-out.

Speaking of breaking-out, check out the yellow metal:

Oh my!

Summer doldrums?

Well, I think we break-though that resistance ($1377.90-something-or-other) this week, call it $1380, which is one of the reasons the cartel is barely able to keep gold under $1350.

If gold breaks-out, we could be talking about $17 silver by the end of the month:

Which I guess is cool I guess, but I’d really love be able to add to my stack at these last chances for sub or near sub-$15 silver.

You see, I’m willing, but I’m just not able right now.

To invest, you must be both.


If you are willing an able, then check out this opportunity:

That opportunity is going to close very fast, in my opinion.

Bottom line as we enjoy this beautiful day in mid-June?

There will be some movement today in the metals.

At 2:00 pm EST, and again during the presser.

This day may finally be the break-out day.

This one may be the one, when finally.

We get that nice, “upside surprise”.

And if so, time’s running out.

For these too low prices.

They are way too low.

Especially for silver.

There’s no reward.

Without a risk.

Silver’s risk?




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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