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Gold closed below $1300 when Ronnie last joined us, and with gold above $1500 now, trust us when we say you won’t want to miss this week’s show…

Ronnie Stoeferle of In Gold We Trust (Incrementum) interviewed by James Anderson for SD Bullion

Silver and Gold continue showing strength as both historic monetary precious metals busted through some psychological price barriers this week.

Recording this on Thursday evening, August 8th, 2019, a night before this week’s trading ends.

The spot silver price is hovering around $17.10 oz in fiat US dollars.

The spot gold price this evening is at $1,507 fiat Federal Reserve notes per troy ounce.

You are looking at Silver Doctors’ website poll this week. It appears 75% of those who responded to the survey do not believe the silver spot price will close this week above $17 per troy ounce.

It will be interesting to see if the crowd is proven correct or not. Either way, both monetary metals are trading actively this summer.

As for the Gold-Silver Ratio, we are still at 88 silver to 1 gold derivative equivalent at the moment. Even near a 30-year high level here. Remains to be seen if silver is going to take a breather before a run higher in value versus gold to come.

This week, we welcome back a returning guest, Ronnie Stoeferle of the ‘In Gold We Trust Report.’ Earlier this year we covered in our SD Bullion blog how even Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) got coverage in this year’s report.

Here speak about the disconnection between stock price inflation and silver, as well as various other long term macro charts, and precious metal market matters when we return from this short message from our show’s sponsor.

Background on some topics covered here at SD Bullion:

Silver Gold Podcast: SD Metals & Markets Wrap

Welcome to this week’s Metals & Markets wrap, I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion.

With us this week is a returning guest, he is a co-author of annual “In Gold We Trust” report from Incrementum AG.

Mr. Ronnie Stoeferle, thank you for coming back on our silver gold bullion podcast.

Thanks to you out there too, for checking out our show this week.