Gold & Silver INCREDIBLY UNDERVALUED Because Govt Goes Out Of Its Way To Force The Price Lockdown

Bill Murphy says that the government has kept gold and silver in particularly harsh lockdown over the last two years. Here’s what it means for investors…

Bill Murphy of GATA interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Which course of action is more prudent today: investing more money into the burgeoning stock market, or hedging with precious metals as insurance against financial disaster?

With stock markets at record high valuations compared to all of history, and precious metals at or below the cost of production, a contrarian defensive approach justifies close scrutiny of the major factors driving public sentiment towards or away from different investment options.

Widely followed watchdog Bill Murphy, co–founder of The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee ( returns to Reluctant Preppers to spell out the key points to ponder today, including: the gold/silver ratio, the Dow/gold ratio, and the suppression of the truth by major media. Murphy also addresses your viewer questions!