Gold & Silver EXPLODE to $35.50 & 1793 As Chicago Fed’s Evans Calls for MORE QE!

Gold and silver have just gone vertical as the Chicago Fed President Charles Evans has just appeared on CNBC calling for QE∞ squared!
Silver has exploded nearly $1.50 to $35.50, and gold has jumped nearly $20 to a new 2012 high of $1793!!

*Updated with Evans’ CNBC interview

Silver exploded to $35.30, briefly paused, and then made a 2nd vertical move to $35.50:


Gold’s move through $1790, setting a new 2012 high at $1793:

Now you understand why in an era of QE to infinity…all dips in gold and silver must be bought professionally, as there is no going back now for The Fed.  They will continue to devalue the dollar vs. gold and silver, and the rate of devaluation will likely only accelerate from here.

Evans’ CNBC appearance below: