Gold & Silver Consolidate As The People Get Distracted By The Unsealing, Mail-In Ballot Voting, ‘Law & Order’ And More!

It looks like the dreaded pullback in Gold & Silver is finally here, but those looking for a “buy the dip” moment may not want to wait until Sunday night…

First and foremost, I’ve always been a Deplorable, but I’ve never been a Red Hat.

Secondly, I don’t think politicians of any real importance are elected into office, but rather, I think that our election system has been totally corrupted, and the Deep State Globalists simply install their candidate of choice, so long as the proles buy the narrative.

Thirdly, when it comes to the moon landing, only an…

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, just stop because you’ve obviously fallen off your rocker again, and with that tin foil just a little too tight this time, so let me cut you off right now before you spew something you’re going to regret, and why are you on such an offensive today, anyway?”.

Oh, right.

I’m sorry.

I guess I’m getting all worked-up.

‘Cause the wolves are very active.

And they’re doing a fine job of taking out the flock, one by one.

First, there is the distraction, and yes, I’m talking about that woman who did atrocious things and worse to minors for decades.

Here’s the thing: Are we really going to see sweeping justice coming out of this, so much so that all we have to do is to sit back and trust the plan?

While I agree that all of the Traitors, Globalists, Pedophiles, Traffickers and more should be rounded-up and dealt with accordingly, I’d be an idiot to think real justice is coming on a systemic level.

I guess everybody just loves a good pedophile story involving political corruption to the very highest degree, a guy who didn’t kill himself and his long-legged, raven-haired mistress?

Indeed, the Deep State Globalists are doing a fine job of distracting the masses:

As if pure evil will be brought to justice when justice has been irreparably corrupted.

News Flash: The only thing that’s happening is more losses of Freedom and Liberty for We the People while the Sheeple and the Walmart Zombies are distracted.

That one news story isn’t the only thing that’s got me all worked-up.

Because the whole mail-in ballot thing is kind of concerning as well.

Here’s the thing: From the point-of-view of the Deep State Globalists, the mail-in ballots are to the elections as cash is to the economy.

Just like the push to eliminate cash is on, the push to “all digital elections” is on.

Remember: It’s not he who votes that matters, it’s he who counts the votes, which is to say, when a person says, “I’m only one person, and my vote doesn’t count”, to that I say, “yes, you are one person, and indeed, your vote is literally not counted”.

Are mail-in ballots subject to all sorts of election fraud?


Regardless, if purely digital elections are on the horizon, that can only mean more control, more manipulation, more rigging, and basically, more election fraud.

And the Red Hats are cheering it on because they think Trump is playing 4-D Chess with the Deep State:

Just like the Border Wall is not what people think it’s for, this ‘election fraud’ pushed by Trump is not for the benefit of free and fair elections, but to further consolidate power to the Deep State Globalists and make elections even easier to rig.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you’re not implying people wouldn’t figure out what was going on if we went to all-digital elections, are you?”

Um, yeah.

I am implying that.

Besides, the MSM Propagandists control the narrative, and the vast majority of the people are either Sheeple, Walmart Zombies, or worse, so the people wouldn’t even catch on, and technically speaking, impenetrable sand-boxing, making examples of people who share secrets, honey pots and more will keep prying eyes from, well, prying.

And if there are no prying eyes, there is no proof.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right!

While I’m not against this in theory, nor in very minimal practice, this should not be a Battle Cry:

Why not?

If I’m right and Trump is a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing, then “LAW & ORDER!” will mean “FEMA Camps for Patriots”.

If I’m wrong about Trump, then his Administration and Cabinet are still filled to the brim with Deep State Globalists of Trump’s own choosing, so “LAW & ORDER!” will still mean “FEMA Camps for Patriots”.

With the Deep State Globalists running the show, “LAW & ORDER!”, no pun intended, is a lose-lose proposition for real American Patriots.

Either way, ratcheting up the US Police State is not what we need, regardless of circumstance, because currently, it would be the very Deep State Globalists themselves doing the ratcheting.

I hope I’ve been clear.

And no, don’t give me that crap about “Trump just needs more time, a second term”.

He’s had plenty of time.

Most of the Deplorables and all of the Red Hats have been duped.

Or they’re shills.

Or they’re YouTube content creators spewing Trump lies in exchange for a cut of the Advertising dollars from Google.

Take your pick.

I could go on and on with all of the things that have me all worked-up today, including:

  • Cold War 2.0
  • Big Tech
  • Coronavirus
  • Etcetera

But I think that I’ll just stop there.

For the Sheep are only meant to be fleeced or slaughtered.

They’ll never get it, and now, they’re really getting it good.

Gold had a good breach of $2000 today:

For those taking notes, this is technically the fourth day of consolidation.

The Chart Huggers are lovin’ silver’s Bull Wedge:

Unlike the head-n-shoulders denial, I actually woudn’t be surprised to see this one play out.

After all, the cartel does have to give the illusion of markets, so they create cute little Dollar Tree paint-by-numbers patterns on the charts, and if you’e on the very inside, they’ll even tell you what shape they’re shootin’ for next so that you can bank on it!

I think we’re going higher.

A lot higher.


There’s that pop in the paper gold-to-silver ratio everybody and their technical analyst brother have been looking for:

Funny how things work out like that, isn’t it?

Funny how one can’t actually trade one single ounce of real, physical gold for 81.66 ounces of real, physical silver, isn’t it?

Palladium’s pullback has been steep:

I’ll be the first to admit that palladium has not been behaving as I’ve expected it to behave, so in true doubling-down fashion, I guess I’ll have to say that even if the other precious metals continue to rally, palladium could consolidate in a sideways choppy channel or even continue to pullback as deeper-pocketed investors seek out refuge in what looks like more of a value investment right now: Gold.

There is also, arguably, a ton of value in platinum right now:

Platinum has fallen back down to negative, year-to-date.

If the precious metals are going to have a positive 2020, platinum could be the sleeper investment for the remainder of the year, but mostly for those who are ‘long-n-strong’ right now, or in the very near future at the very latest.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, do you personally think platinum will be the sleeper investment for the rest of 2020?”.

Good questions today, and no.

I think the silver’s the sleeper.

Copper continues to fade:

As do US Coins from circulation.

Crude oil sure looks ready to roll over:

The question is, have the supply and demand (storage & consumption) fundamentals worked themselves out?

The more the VIX coils downward, the more explosive the move to the upside:

Besides, wouldn’t the Deep State Globalists love some fear and uncertainty as America’s future prepares to supposedly go back to indoctrination camps school?

One’s a something, two’s a couple, and three’s a triple-top:


The math, after all, doesn’t work out unless interest rates go lower:

And go lower they will, until the Laws of Economics say “enough already”.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to know what a lower dollar means:

You might want to be a boxer, however, because it is going to feel like punches to the gut.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday on the last day of July?

There is something seriously wrong on Main Street right now, but what is it?

My local Costco still does not have any toilet paper in the whole store.

Walmart couldn’t deliver me the ham, crackers or pasta I ordered.

I do think the crack-up boom’s begun, but it’s not easy to see.

Why would it be easy to see when life is so fragmented?

And not only that, but distractions are super thick.

People aren’t focused on one thing but many.

Is something coming to recapture focus?

If so, then it’ll surely be a black swan.

There is just too much going on.

To pinpoint the next thing.

Which means that it?

Comes out of?


It does.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, a former amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

Paul’s free book Gold & Silver 2.0: Tales from the Crypto can be found in the usual places like Amazon, Apple iBooks & Google Play, or online at Paul’s Twitter is @Paul_Eberhart.