Gold & Silver Hold Their Own While House Plays ‘Impeachment’, Senate Plays ‘Hong Kong First’ & ‘Fall Guys’ Fall

SD Midweek Update: Throw in the buck stopping at two Epstein prison guards, and it may seem baffling, but it’s putting a floor under gold & silver prices…

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On the surface, it would seem as if progress is being made.

The Deep State is forced to provide some sort of “closure” because they’d really like to get Jeffrey Epstein out of the news cycle, and so, conveniently, the buck apparently stops at two prison guards.

People thinking things are somehow changing for the better are thinking wrong.

If anything, the Deep State will draw out things of little significance, because really, if Epstein’s actually dead, then what do two prison guards taking the fall for it change?


That’s what.

Sooner or later, as is always the case, the sheeple will simply fall under the spell of some other distraction as they’re slowly herded to the slaughterhouse.

President Trump is sending thousands of additional troops to Saudi Arabia, with the Middle East quickly morphing into a hot mess, and yet American taxpayers are content wasting our time, resources, and attention on the impeachment circus side show.

It’s a good thing we print the world’s reserve currency and therefore never have to pay back our debts!

Now, I get it on this next subject – yes – the commies are the enemy of Freedom and Liberty, and while we are still arguably free in the United States, we have a two-faced senate that only acts in the name of destroying our liberties in the United States while pretending to stand for other’s Liberties in Asia?

As evidenced by yesterday’s Marco Rubio sponsored legislation , and yes, this same Marco Rubio:

That’s right!

The one pushing for regime change in Venezuela, who is salivating to go full Gaddafi on Maduro, is now spearheading the unanimously passed Hong Kong Human Rights And Democracy Act of 2019.

Talk about priorities!

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, c’mon man, things are looking up, and all I need to do is point to the latest indictment of an ex-JP Morgan executive charged with gold & silver manipulation as evidence of that!”.


Have you ever gone into a dirty kitchen, and I mean a real dirty kitchen, and the moment you turn the lights on, thousands of cockroaches scurry into the woodwork and down the drains?

You can always get one or two, but unless you pretty much nuke the place with enough chemicals to kill any and all forms of life, go in after the fact and rid the kitchen of the filth, and then put in all new equipment and start over again, we haven’t really done anything at all, have we?

On second thought, that was a bad analogy.

For there are far too many roaches and far too much filth, for I do not think this kitchen can even be salvaged.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, yeah, you make a good point, maybe, but what does any of this have to do with gold & silver?”.

Good question.

Gold and silver are on the sidelines right now, and because gold & silver are honest money, society is having a hard time in being honest with itself, meaning that we’ve been so brainwashed and so dumbed-down that we mistake mediocrity for good at best, and we mistake bad for good at worst.

Because of this critical flaw in our behavior of late, that is, this collective psycho-social dishonesty, honest money refuses to go much lower, because, believe it or not, there are people in the world who are being honest, be it with themselves, with God, with society, or with whatever, and in a dying system built on evil lies, there is but one place to go for honest people – gold & silver.


If I could interject with a moment of unashamed selfish inner-reflection, I would say that if I wasn’t an idiot, that would have sounded like, totally philosophical, you know, in a Dollar Tree bookshelf kind-of-way!

Dang straight I’m sweatin’ bullets hoping my spot-on call for the bottom in silver holds:

Fortunately, I have not placed one single paper trade in the rigged casino this year, so I really have no reason to sweat bullets about any of my calls, but there’s no denying this short-term “wall of worry”, right smack dab in the middle of silver’s 50-day and 200-day moving averages, gives and will continue to give the bulls some heartburn and indigestion until we see a definitive break-out.

Honest people, however, are putting a floor under honest money.

We really need to see gold get above and close above $1500 in a hurry:

Gold was building a massive base at $1500, but if we don’t break-out above the psychologically important whole number soon, that massive base is going to become massive resistance.

The gold-to-silver ratio appears to be rolling over:

This is in line with my call that the metals bottomed on Tuesday the 12th.

I still think the metals are good to rally here.

Check out palladium’s sweet bounce off of its 50-day:

The two previous occasions palladium fell through it’s 50-day moving average, we rode the average to the underside, but wow is it going to be bullish if we ride the average again, for a third time, only staying above the average this time.

Platinum continues to tell us the bottom is in:

We’re getting a bullish crossover setting-up in the technicals, and I think the speed of the break-out could really surprise people.

Are there any specific points of concern to watch going into the end of this week?

Why yes, there are a few:

We get the Fed’s FOMC minutes today, Fed Dandy Kashkari speaks tomorrow, and the armchair quarterbacks just melt in their chairs when Kashkari takes the stage, and finally, when in other times it would have been a foot note, with the Fed’s “Not QE”, the otherwise benign balance sheet release could come with some interesting late day fireworks.

So yeah, this is shaping up to be an interesting week in the markets.

Speaking of interesting, well, the stock market bulls can’t like the looks of the Dow:

Because if the technicals matter, that’s one serious “bearish engulfing candle”, and if the chart pattern plays-out, it’s look-out below!

I keep seeing lots of calls about an imminent surge in the VIX:

Perhaps the cartel is waiting until next week to whip up some volatility, you know, to give family members something else to argue about during Thanksgiving?

They are corrupt, dirty, evil bastards like that, and proud of it, so don’t put it past them because it gives them great pleasure (of the sick and twisted variety).

Yield on the 10-Year Note is doing exactly what yield must do:

Since the debt is now going parabolic, yield must be pressed down to make the debt even somewhat serviceable, and since there is neither the will power nor the inclination to change anything for the better in Washington or on Wall Street, yields in general will keep going down until they blow-up, and blow-up yields will, because they can’t be normalized in any non-destructive way, much less gracefully.

I think the dollar is about to become a focal point of discussion again:

As the Senate passed legislation in support of Hong Kong, the Currency War with China is likely to flare-up.

What’s the bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Wednesday in this baffling November?

On the surface, it looks as if “progress” is being made, or that there’s even some “good news”.

When we look under the surface, however, we see nothing has changed for the better.

The economic and political problems we face as a nation are only getting worse.

Because nobody is really doing anything to address some real problems.

Meanwhile, people point to little victories against the Deep State.

However, squashing one roach isn’t really a victory at all.

Neither is stopping the buck at two Epstein guards.

Nor’s unanimous support for some foreign land.

Much less some futile impeachment inquiry.

Honest people can see through the lies.

They’re opting out, seeking honesty.

That’s only found in two things.

It’s found in gold & silver.

Our honest money.

Through all time.

In all places.





Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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