Gold Punches Through The Magic Price Of $1850 That Technical Analysts Are Looking For, Dollar Clings On For Dear Life!

Another rollercoaster ride in the “markets”, or will market “participants” be just as stunned as Karen, the Mask Nazis, and myriad Victim Enforcers?

(by Half Dollar) Last week was an interesting week in the markets, assuming, of course, the Cartel’s run-of-the-mill stock market “crash” has turned into the new-and-improved stock market “dip”.

You know those baby rollercoasters for kids in the shape of a caterpillar or something?

Um, yeah.

Kinda like that.

Regardless, a number of things are taking place on a fundamental level that are giving the market some jitters, including (in no particular order of importance):

  • New supply chain disruptions on top of ongoing disruptions.
  • Military conflict breaking out, especially in the Middle East.
  • Tension between the Mask Nazis & Vaccine Pushers and the Freedom Yearning Americans.
  • American Consumers shell shocked by the sting of inflation.

In addition to those ongoing fundamental forces bearing down on Wall Street and on Main Street, we will be getting a a bunch of data on the housing market this week, and various Fed Heads will be on tour, unfortunately, yet again, patting themselves on the back and high-fiving each other for the number of Elderly American Savers the Fed (and the Federal Government, really) are killing when the elderly are forced to choose between food, medicine and air conditioning, because the elderly can’t afford to pay for all three, or the various Fed Heads will be patting themselves on the back and high-fiving each other for the number of American Youth the Fed (and the Federal Government, really) are more deeply enslaving, because the United States is only interested in one single thing at this point in time, which is to ever-increase the debt-spending for the sole purpose of enriching corrupt, evil people in Washington and on Wall Street.

Here’s the point: Be prepared for a lot of propaganda, followed by a whole lot more.

It’s best to just go outside and plant your garden if you have not done so already.

Gold punched through $1850 this morning:

Isn’t that the magic number the “Technical” “Analysts” are hootin’ & hollerin’ about?

We do have some room to keep running, if the technicals matter, that is:

But if gold continues to run higher and the technicals do matter, they’re going to become extremely overbought in no time at all.

Silver couldn’t punch through $28 this morning:

As if silver is a free market and not the most rigged casino of them all.

That said, let’s look to the paper gold-to-silver ratio for clues on how the week may unfold:

Oh good grief!

Getting back to the dollar store paint-by-numbers, that may be a flag, but it ain’t no dang bull flag:

It’s gonna suck for the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino if these runs have exhausted themselves.

Of course, there is no indication one way or another with platinum:

Shameless Plug Time: I wrote an article about platinum on Friday, and I thank you for your consideration!

There has been escalating conflict with death & destruction in the Middle East, and crude oil has been range-bound, basically between $63 and $65:

If no fear premium is kicking in, then can we say the geo-political situation is keeping the price from falling?

A lot of people have been shouting about the commodities correcting:

Copper, however, is only down a little more than 4% from its spike all-time record high, but if we are correcting here, we should at first be expecting a move down to copper’s 50-day moving average.

Back to the rollercoaster, it really wasn’t a scary ride at all:

It remains to be seen whether the adults will start riding the big rides, but I’ve got this sneaky suspicion the adults are all too chicken, or, conversely, too interested in accumulating the prize tickets in the arcade.

The “sell in May” crowd has been losing:

Although there are a whole lot of trading days left in the month.

Yield on ten-year US Federal Government Paper (toilet) begins the week perched at its 50 day moving average:

As stated earlier, we’re getting a lot of housing market data this week, and as such, likely a lot of housing market analysis, and the word on the street is that low interest rates are not offsetting sky high home prices, partly because the cost to build a house is surging as evidenced by things like rising construction worker wages and skyrocketing lumber prices, as well as buyer bidding wars and other things, so potential home buyers, even with crazy low interest rates, are still being priced-out of the market, but, of course, I’m talking about Joe Deplorable being priced out of the housing market and not the greedy bastards in Washington and on Wall Street, for they are the ones scooping up all the properties.

I spent $16 on four plants this weekend (2 heirloom tomato, 1 jalapeno, 1 green bell pepper):

Arguably, the best sixteen bucks I’ve spent in some time, and really, a short-term investment that’s going to pay off in so many ways, and a long-term investment that will pay off with knowledge & skills too!

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart