Harvard Trained Economist: Gold May Not Drop To $700, But The Goldbugs Will Be Dead Before Gold Tops Out At $3000 In The Year 2040

Harry Dent says there’s not enough gold out there, so don’t expect any gold-backed currencies ’cause they’re not coming. Harry also updates his forecast…

by Harry Dent of Economy & Markets

There’s a crisis coming.

We face massive loss in net-worth-to-GDP when the double bubbles in stocks and housing go tits up (I plan to talk to you more about this on Monday, so watch out for that email from me).

But possibly worse is that the few other analysts who see this crisis coming are telling you to turn to gold as protection.

Man are they wrong!

And that advise is downright dangerous.

That’s why I recorded today’s video.

Listen to my explanation of why they’re making this mistake, and why gold is not your savior for the next several years.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret you need to know about gold. I may not be a gold bug… but I will make a concession.

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