Gold Market Manipulation Explained: Rigging Through Futures Contracts, Leasing & Swaps

To what extent are central banks successful in suppressing the gold price?

Chris Powell on GoldCore TV

Market Manipulation Explained: The Gold Market by #ChrisPowell​, Secretary/Treasurer and Director @ GATA.ORG

In today’s episode Chris explains how #Centralbanks​ #intervention​ affect #GoldPrices​. He believes now-a-days central banks are #intervening​ primarily through the futures markets and through gold leasing and gold swaps with the bullion banks.

He also shares to what extend #Centralbanks​ are successful in suppressing the gold price and believes that there are no markets anymore, just #intervention​!

Chris agrees that not only are the markets manipulated but also that there is manipulation in the information, and he believes that the systems are comprehensively corrupt these days.

He also shares what the future holds for GATA and if you want to know more visit: