Gold Is Standing Out In An Environment Of Low Interest Rates And Rising Stock Market Risks

Investors are uncertain, and they are looking for a new “safe haven”, which is likely to be gold. Here’s why…

from Palisade Radio with Gwen Preston

Gwen discusses the reasons why the gold bear market has ended and how it is different from what most investors anticipated. Global currencies are in a race to the bottom as countries compete for trade, and central banks continue to cut interest rates. Today’s investors are uncertain, and they are looking for a new “safe haven,” and that is likely to be gold.

Bond markets are in an extraordinary place today, as low-risk money can no longer find returns. This paradigm shift has resulted in a lot of this money seeking gains from stock markets. However, risks are rising, and a recession may be looming. Gold is standing out in this environment.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Reasons for the end of the gold bear market.
4:00 – Investor sentiment at conferences.
10:00 – Bond rates vs gold.
15:00 – Recommended books.
19:00 – Other precious metals and new conference.