Eric Sprott: Gold Is In Spitting Distance Of New Highs

Eric says gold is setting the record straight: Price has gone up for two years now, and gold is about to launch even higher and loftier. Here’s why…

Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s been another crazy week, and Eric stops by to talk the latest Fed meeting and the ongoing drop in the stock market. Highlights of the session include Eric’s thoughts on:

  • The crumbling stock market and the rise in short term interest rates
  • Facebook’s handling of user data
  • What Eric is watching for today

Bottom line? Things are looking good for gold.

“If we have three more days like yesterday, we’ll be in a bear market… It’s amazing to me. And it’s exactly what we would wish for. What’s going up? One thing is going up—that’s gold. And silver. And of course, that’s what we’d expect to happen… We’re in spitting distance of a new high here… We are very close to setting the record straight that gold’s gone up for two years and we might start launching into much higher and loftier regions as the stock market unfolds.”