Gold Hits All-Time Record High ($1941.90) And Silver Price Tests $25 As All Of The News Is BAD, Badder, Or DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE!

All the news is bad news, and it’s bad news for everybody, except for holders of gold & silver, that is…

Over the weekend I had a hunch the MSM propagandists were switching to the violence card.

Here’s a scan of the major MSM News outlets on Sunday morning:


So that’s what you call people who “throw explosives” at police.

Nonetheless, it’s even worse on Monday morning:

Fox News is just itching for America to blow a gasket.

The riots are not the only bad news sweeping the US.

There’s a ton of bad news, including a pesky pandemic that just won’t leave us alone.

Go figure.

Here’s a sample of the doom and gloom, from CNN (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

The US has a quarter of all coronavirus cases worldwide, and has recorded at least 1,000 deaths for four days straight now. Experts are pleading for another shutdown, and it’s looking more and more like the economy, both here and abroad, may be permanently altered by the pandemic.

Of course the “experts” are pleading for another shutdown.

They’re trying to destroy the US peacefully, you know!

And as for the economy being “permanently altered”, that is true, however, one thing that is permanently going to protect against this alteration is gold & silver.

Permanent money, that is.

Adding to the bad news (or good, depending on perspective), is the fact that while the US burns and the MSM propagandists do their best to stoke fear in the sheeple, Democrats and Republicans are bickering over how to spend a trillion bucks or so in the next round of stimulus.

Side Note: It sure looks like the same amount of direct stimulus, at a minimum, will be hitting checking accounts via direct deposit much in the same way as before, and since all of this is highly inflationary (just try buying a ‘budget’ paint brush at Lowe’s), if one is willing and able to save that stimulus, one may want to save in the form of real money, gold & silver.

Side Note II: There is STILL zero toilet paper at my local Costco.

Now, if the riots, the coronavirus, and the fiscal stimulus weren’t enough this week, domestically, it should also be noted the Fed is concluding its 2-Day FOMC Meeting on Wednesday, complete with a Powell Presser at 2:30 p.m. EST.

At this point, however, the Fed only knows one thing: Keep the spigot open at full-blast for the sole purpose of enriching themselves and their bestest buddies on Wall Street and in Washington.

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, check out the joke that’s become of the CME Group’s “Countdown to FOMC“:

The wannabe insiders have been and sure are quite certain the Fed will just keep the party going forever, aren’t they?

If there is one more reason to save in Gold & Silver, the US Dollar doesn’t look like its doing too good right now:

And let’s not kid ourselves, this sickness is chronic, it’s fatal, and we’re in the end stages of it right now.

Part of the problem, which is going to rear it’s ugly head in no-time and wipe out the sheeple who believed in the system, is the decades long, chronic understatement of inflation, which has produced record lows in yield for US government toilet paper:

The “bond bull market” is indeed dead, it’s only direct intervention that’s kept the bull alive.

Said differently, with one look at the chart above, it’s quite clear that the bond market is simply being held on life support.

The “traders”, “investors”, and Robin Hooders are, as usual, oblivious:

It will be interesting to see when they stop the sedative-drip and pump in some adrenaline.

Because with all of the bad news, everywhere, and especially in the United States, now is as good a time as any to bring down the stock market again:

Isn’t there an election or something big taking place this year, too, and is it priced-in?

Curiously, despite the weaker US dollar, and the slow creep of escalating geo-political tensions in the Middle East, and the collapse in the US shale oil industry, and more, crude oil is still barely moving:

I’ve been looking for crude oil to rollover, and there’s no doubt we’re close to the break-down now, or the break-out if I’m wrong, and arguably, the longer we wait to see the move, the more dramatic the move will be.

I’m starting to see some analysts calling for the bottom to drop out of copper:

Those analysts forget monetary history, however, and the fact that copper, while not money, did (and still does) circulate as currency, and a fiat currency crisis is only one of the bullish fundamentals for the red metal.

Palladium continues to surge:

I’ve been looking for palladium to lag, and I’ve been wrong, so that goes to show just how important actual, physical supply really is.

Platinum poked its head into the green (year-to-date) this morning:

We’ve got an imminent golden cross on the daily chart, and that’s just one bullish factor out of many bullish factors working in platinum’s favor right now.

Silver nearly hit twenty five bucks this morning:

If you believe silver’s price has been suppressed, for decades, and if it is true the market riggers are losing control, then silver’s moves have only just begun.

The gold-to-silver ratio is trying to say goodbye to 80 at the start of the week:

Even though gold’s stolen the spotlight because of hitting all-time record highs, silver continues to outperform gold.

Gold hit all-time record highs at 10:45 p.m. EST (Sunday night) on my charting platform:

Granted, gold didn’t stop there.

So there is no longer any more dispute as to whether gold has hit all-time record highs or not:

For now, the question continues to be, “where to from here”, and, perhaps more importantly, when will we get the pullback?

Shameless plug time: Last Thursday, Chris Vermeulen gave us his upside targets for this move:

His technical case is convincing, but if the fundamental forces are just too strong?

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Monday in late July?

The government’s handing out the free money again, use it wisely.

The MSM propagandists are pushing the coronavirus, still.

The US riots continue to be in a state of escalation.

The Fed is meeting this week, but who cares?

We already know what the Fed will do.

Holders of dollars do know it too.

Those who do not know it?

It’s economic misery.

It’s financial ruin.

As the dollars.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, a former amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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