Gold At All-Time Highs In Foreign Currencies And With Little Resistance Until A $1550 US Dollar Price

Could this US dollar price rally go to $1700 in the near-term?

by Jordan Roy-Byrne via Palisade Radio

Gold against foreign currencies hits an all-time high as Gold closes around the $1475 resistance. Gold has support at $1425 with limited resistance from here until $1550. The path of least resistance remains higher in the short-term until Gold tests $1550.

TimeStamp References:
0:20 – Gold vs. Foreign currencies
1:30 – COT and next target for gold.
3:30 – Looks like a new bull market.
4:00 – Gold compared to the stock markets.
5:00 – Predictions for gold.
6:30 – Rally could go to 1700 near term.
7:30 – All his charts are showing bullish for gold.