“We Bottomed In Silver”: Why Record Demand For Silver May Not Lead To A Shortage

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Eric Explains Why We Bottomed In Silver 2 Weeks Ago!
Will Current Record Silver Demand Lead to Another Wholesale Shortage? 
Why A Trump Victory Is Closer Than You Think
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After delays reported at most of the AP’s and wholesalers on nearly all gold coins last week, tightness in the physical gold market eased this week as demand subsided from the massive rush to physical that occurred with gold’s dip under $1250. 


The Wholesale Silver Remains Tight:


Wholesale premiums jumped again on 90% Junk Silver Coins this week, with retailers forced to raise 90% premiums to over $2 over spot due to strong demand and scarce supply. 

Sales of 2016 Silver Eagles were extraordinarily strong once again this week at 1.475 million coins sold, bringing October Silver Eagle coin sales to 3,425,000, and Year to Date Sales to 34,000,500. 

The Sunshine Mint remains sold out of SD Bullion’s most popular silver round, the Sunshine 1 oz Walking Liberty rounds , and most private mints are still reporting 1 -2  week delays on new orders for ALL private mint silver bullion products. 

Whether a true retail shortage begins to develop and appear will likely be determined by the market action over the next several weeks.

If silver has bottomed and begins to move higher off last Tuesday’s lows, we expect the mints to be able to catch up from this current surge in demand.

If silver dips any lower to a $16 handle, all bets are off…


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