Gold And Silver Are Still Money

Despite government and banker efforts to reduce gold & silver to mere trinkets, they have stood the test of time, held their value, and are still money…

JP Cortez interviewed by Rory Hall of The Daily Coin

Jp Cortez and I discussed some of the issues we face due to the hijacking of our national currency. Under President Lincoln, yes Abraham Lincoln, in 1860, this was the first step in stripping the nation of it’s wealth and consolidating the power at the very top of the banking cabal, government and corporations. It wasn’t until 1913 and the pass of the Federal Reserve Act that the soft coup was fully realized. But to be clear, it began while Lincoln was in office.

The information you about to hear is rarely heard in todays world. This is merely the first episode with Jp Cortez. We will be diving much deeper over the coming months and years to help people see money and currency in a completely different light.

For that history and a whole lot more, tune in to the discussion in its entirety below: