Gold $10,000/oz As Chinese & Russian Demand Overwhelms The Manipulation?

Is the global reset upon us now? Not two or three but many recent developments around the globe point to a gold revaluation. Here’s the details…

my Mark O’Byrne of GoldCore

– Is the currency reset or global monetary reset (GMR) upon us?
– Russia sold half their Treasuries in April and bought 600k ozs of gold in May
– China has stopped buying US Treasurys and PBOC is quietly accumulating gold bullion
– China has over $3 trillion in foreign exchange reserves and Russia has $461 billion
– Physical gold market is finite and tiny vis-à-vis the fx markets and bond markets
– Tiny diversification into gold by the world’s creditor nations will end manipulation
– Gold to be revalued much higher – possibly to $10,000/oz or higher
– Time is of the essence and important to own gold bullion in safest way possible