Global Uncertainty Fueling The Run To Gold

Uncertainty seems to be the prevailing feeling right now, be it in energy, the supply chains, or…

by David Morgan of The Morgan Report

Uncertainty seems to be the prevailing feeling right now, across various aspects of the global economy. In any given sector, be it energy, supply chain, or transportation, volatility and uncertainty are back with a bang. This environment has understandably made many people nervous, and if there’s one thing markets hate, it is uncertainty.

Unfortunately, this feeling of uncertainty doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon, especially as the food crisis kicks into high gear.

Why Money Can’t Solve this Crisis

With the Russia-Ukraine war nearing the one-month mark, the threat of a worldwide food crisis has been further exasperated, putting pressure on various communities, especially those in low-income households. As stated in this article, “people will react when they’re hungry,” and people have been hungry for a while now. According to recent data from the United Nations, 928 million people were “severely food insecure last year,” equivalent to one in eight people globally.

So, how can this crisis be tackled? The proposed solution, as it always is, is to throw money at it; however, while that may help, money alone won’t cure this. There is a culmination of other factors that are making this a difficult obstacle to overcome, including weather problems, political issues, fertilizer insecurity, pest difficulties, and ongoing supply chain issues.

In times like these, specific cautionary investments are made by investors worldwide. Aside from precious metals like gold and silver, here at the Morgan Report, we’ve been closely studying the resource sector; and the energy sector is one that stands out.

You can hear the rest of my thoughts on the resource sector by watching my recent interview with Montana Yorke of Cambridge House. You can find the full video here.

The Run to Gold is About to Begin

I have said this for a couple of years — there will be a day where we see the run to gold. We are watching it as it unfolds, now; firstly, with the news that the Russian central bank has suspended purchases of gold from banks in order to meet the rising demand of the metal from households. Furthermore, suppliers on the wholesale side, hedge fund managers, and everyone dealing on the physical side of the precious metal are seeing record demand.

These factors indicate the walk to gold. What is expected next is a jog, then the run, and then an all-out sprint, as individuals around the world attempt to protect the value of their hard-earned money. And, this run to gold will be unlike anything we’ve seen in history.

This is not like 1971 when we went off the gold standard; that was a mere microcosm of what is happening now. This is one of those events that is global in scope, affects everybody on the planet, and only happens once in four centuries.

I discussed these topics in more detail in my recent appearance with Darryl and Brian Panes from As Good As Gold Australia; you can tune in to the full interview here.

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