Trump Just Called For Negative Interest Rates In The US, Gold & Silver Ready To Surge Higher

SD Midweek Update: Also, an immense tug-of-war between the manipulation exposers and deniers show us the “consolidation” is complete…

Half Dollar’s Note: Our fight is for honest money, gold & silver, and we are already subject to direct and indirect attacks because of our fight in the form of shadow banning, search page results burial, paid comment section trolls, live-stream disconnections, and various other tactics, so to those wondering why there is no coverage, the reason is that we must pick and choose our battles carefully, and the battle for gold & silver is intense enough, so it really is as simple as that.

All things considered, here is what I will say about it –






They are beyond totally corrupt and purely evil to the core, but luckily for them, and so far, because ability they have not, they don’t rule over people, they simply contain the zombies, and those who have yet to turn have been thoroughly brainwashed, and it is a dang shame because the only ones to blame for what has happened are ourselves, for not just letting it happen, but for letting it go on, and sadly, some real people died, and still are dying, because of it, and so much more, so if you understand one thing, let it be that those who appear to be the most Patriotic want to destroy America and exterminate the real American Patriots, and those vile monsters have had and will continue to have a fun run of it, until it comes down to just the remaining few Patriots, unwilling to let it continue any longer, and without hesitation, assuring that it does not…






At the end of July, I noticed there was an intense tug-of-war taking place between the gold & silver bulls and the gold & silver bears.

At the time, I said this was not only very healthy, but very bullish for gold & silver.

I believe the exact analogy I used was that it was not like having everybody on one side of the boat, but having the boat nice and balanced, because where absolutely everybody is a bull and long, well, that tips the boat, and when everybody is a bear and selling, well, that tips the boat too.

The day I discussed what I was seeing between the bulls and the bears, silver’s price closed at $16.43.

With the silver price of $18.20 right now, in the pre-opening-bell hours on *Sp-11_th,20&19, silver is now over 10% higher in price than where price was when I made that statement.

Here’s my point: I’m seeing a similar dynamic right now, that is not only very healthy, but also very bullish for gold & silver.

The dynamic I’m seeing is also an intense tug-of-war, only this time, the tug-of-war is taking place between the gold & silver are manipulated crowd and the gold & silver are not manipulated crowd.

What does it mean?

I think it  means the “consolidation” is nearly over, and I think gold & silver are ready for their next leg-up in price.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, are you saying that part of consolidation is a consolidation of the fundamentals?”.

I am, and by the looks of it, with gold consolidating over the past month and with silver consolidating over the past couple of weeks if we do not include the price spike to $19.75 and the subsequent beat-down, we have now found a nice balance between to opposing forces.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, that’s all fine and dandy, but price could just as easily break-down instead of breaking-out!”.

Good point, and you’re right, but let’s consider just a few bullet points:

  • In bull markets, you “buy the dip”, and can anybody deny that gold and silver are in a bull market right now?
  • The technicals have come down form their extreme “overbought” conditions.
  • During this “consolidation” we’ve had relative calm, peace and tranquility, or at least the appearance thereof, in politics, geo-politics, the markets and the economy.

Therefore, putting it all together, I think we’re about to break-out, not break-down.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, good points, but on Monday you said that President Trump was going to be attacking the Fed this week, and that the MSM anti-gold propaganda would be strong!”.


I did.

The attacks on the Fed are coming.

Recall that also on Monday, I said that Monday and Tuesday would be slow as far as any regularly scheduled market-moving news and events, and I was looking for gold to fall under $1500, which it did, and for silver to fall under $18, which it did, but that isn’t the point I wanted to make about Trump attacking the Fed, this is: The data releases that President Trump would respond to begin today, albeit to the least extent, with the releasing of the PPI, and gaining in importance tomorrow with the CPI and climaxing on Friday with the Retail Sales Reports.

In other words, the attacks are still coming, it’s just a matter of letting things play-out how they will play-out.

As far as the MSM anti-gold propaganda, I honestly can say I haven’t been following the mainstream at all this week, other than the tip off to the “real debt levels are 2000% of GDP”, which I wrote about, but other than that, I haven’t been following the mainstream mostly because of this renewed tug-of-war between the manipulation exposers and the manipulation deniers,

Here is the key take-away: If we peel back everything to just this one specific topic I’m singling out, this tug-of-war, then we see that gold & silver have consolidated, and I do think we can reverse the short-term down-trend and begin moving higher even this week.

We’ll see.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, are there any other reasons you think the attacks from Trump against the Fed are coming?”.

Why yes, I do.

Check out the yield on the 10-Year Note:

I said to watch yield on the 10-Year this week as it provides clues as to the Fed’s move next week, and right now, that is one seriously massive spike in yield that is indicating an only 25 basis point cut, which would take the Fed Funds Rate from 2.0% – 2.25% to 1.75% – 2.0%.

That said, notice what one of the main complains from President Trump…


I just went to pull up the President’s dis-pleasure of interest rates, and check out what Trump just fired off, minutes ago:


My goodness!

You can’t make this stuff up!

I’m going to abruptly stop my commentary portion of the Midweek Update right here, because my number one priority is to inform the people, and the sooner the better.

Tune-in to our live-stream today at noon over on our Silver Doctors YouTube Channel, and remember, we have a call-in feature now too, and we love the participation!

Complacency has returned to the “market”:

That said, is anybody else getting an uneasy feeling?

The Heartbeat of America Index is snarling anyone who still believes this “best economy, ever” lie:

I see a bull-trap there, not a break-out, because other than printing up free money and using it for secluded, private island get-aways and what not, one of the Deep State Globalists other favorite activities includes manipulating the markets to steal money from the people to impose immense suffering on the people.

Here’s “the great currency” President Trump just Tweeted out:

How great it is to be earning, spending and saving in Unconstitutional, un-backed debt-based fiat Federal Reserve notes, isn’t it?

As Tony the Tiger would say, it’s grrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaat!

It’s great until those dollars get vaporized, that is and the slaughter of the sheeple begins.

Gold has been consolidating nicely around $1500:

If I’m right about all of this, we’ll be looking at a 16-handle in no time.

Silver has been consolidating nicely above $18:


If the consolidation looks a little haphazard, well, it’s silver.

It is.

The pullback in the gold-to-silver ratio looks over:

The opportunity to get over 82 ounces of silver for one single ounce of gold is rapidly closing, and will likely be gone this week.

Let’s keep looking to palladium to see if it continues the trend of leading the metals:

A break-out to new all-time record highs would be super bullish for the precious metals overall.

Platinum is finding some very near-term consolidation at $940:

For now, I don’t think we plummet down to the major moving averages.

Crude oil looks like it’s ready to break-out:

We’ve spent a few days above the major moving averages, and many “traders” make decisions, in part, based on where price is in relation to those averages.

Speaking of averages, copper has been riding its 50-day for several days in-a-row:

I think the bottom has been carved out at $2.50.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Wednesday in September?

Everything is playing out this week as it has been expected to play out.

With the added bonus of an epic tug-of-war taking place right now.

I still think gold & silver reverse and move higher this week.

Now that Trump is calling for negative interest rates?

At face value, that’s super bullish for gold & silver.

I’d like you to think about what Trump said.

What is implied in his latest Tweet?

Figuratively and also literally.

He wants to kill the elderly.

By destroying savings.

Prevent the young.

From beginning.

To save in fiat.


In gold &.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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