Get Ready For The Next Roll-Out Because The Oil-For-Gold Contracts Have Been Stress-Tested

Jim Willie says the integration of non-dollar platforms is happening right before our very eyes. Here’s where things stand today…

Jim Willie interviewed by Craig Hemke on Ask The Expert

In this month’s Ask the Expert, several questions are asked to Jim Willie, The Golden Jackass.

Here’s just a few of the questions asked:

  1. You’ve theorized that there will eventually be two versions of the U.S. dollar, a domestic dollar and an international dollar. Do you still see this coming?
  2. The manipulation and suppression of gold prices seems endless. How much longer can it last and what will finally end it?
  3. Is Bitcoin and alternative or a compliment for physical gold & silver?

All those questions and several more which can be listened to in its entirety right here below: