Germany We Have A Problem: It Kinda Looks Like You Only Repatriated FOUR GOLD BARS

Germany is holding a little museum exhibition to show off their gold, but is it all just a PR stunt to maintain the illusion that all is well? Here’s more… 

Last summer Germany said it got its gold back.

We noted a problem immediately:

Not only did they take the time to photo-shop the serial numbers, they even took the time to slightly tilt some of them to look more believable, which really just makes the gold bars look more ridiculous.

Actual stickers of serial numbers on gold bars would torn, worn, yellowed, and in varying conditions, say, like this:

Well wouldn’t you know, the Bundesbank is so proud of their repatriation that they want to show off that gold to the world, so they’ve opened up an exhibit all about their gold.

They show this picture as proof of their gold:

Although we can’t exactly be sure what is behind those glass doors.

The Bundesbank released this picture a year ago, which actually looks legit (although we don’t know when and where the picture was taken):

But this week, they’ve released this picture, which has the look of photo-shopped serial numbers again on the bars to the left:


Here’s the thing about photo-shopping serial numbers on the gold bars: It would be a major social blunder at best, if, for example, those serial numbers were readable, and some other country (for example France or Italy) said one or more bars belonged to them and not the Germans.

In other words, gold is just being passed around, serial numbers and rightful owners be danged, because every effort is made to show that all is well with sovereign gold reserves, when we really have no clue just how messed up all of the sovereign gold holdings may actually be.

To be fair, in their exhibit showing off their gold, they do have what appears to be four legit gold bars in a glass display case:

And they do have MSM backing as Bloomberg casts Germany’s stack in a good light:

If Germans have any doubts about the authenticity of their gold — and some of them really do — their central bank is doing all it can to qualm their concerns.

“I can assure you that the gold of the Germans is stored and administered under the highest standards,” Thiele said at the exhibition’s opening. “This will remain so in the future.”

Which is interesting, because Bloomberg has no reason to ever say anything good about gold.

But then again, this is central bank gold we are talking about – as in, these are sovereign reserves, so we could have what we call a little “collusion” going on to maintain the illusion that all is well in the world of official gold reserves.

Here’s the point:

We really have no idea how much gold any nation truly has left.

In a “just in time” inventory system and a constant scramble to bring “good delivery bars” to market, this could all be one big PR stunt meant to calm any doubts which are rightly justified.

  • Does the U.S. have 8,000+ tons of gold? We don’t know.
  • Did Germany get its gold back? We don’t know.
  • How much gold does China have? We don’t know.

Pictures of a few bars does not prove or show anything.

It only raises more suspicions as to what is really going on.

And we’re not privy to what is really going on, and even most of the people who think they are (such as those working at the museum exhibition) are not privy to what is really going on.

All we know is there is a finite supply of the yellow metal which is being stacked by nations like China, Russia, Turkey, India and others as fast as they can stack it, and we are told that everything is all good.

Sorry, it’s going to take a lot more than a few gold bars and some photo-shopped images to convince me.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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