George Bush Accidentally Votes for Obama: ‘Everything Was Mismaladjusted on the Screen’

Former President George W. Bush reportedly voted for Barack Obama accidentally today in Texas.
Bush stated the mistake was made because ‘everything was very mismaladjusted on the screen. You shouldn’t put the senators and the congresspeople and the presidents all jumbled together like that. It’s too crowded. Just confuses folks.

You might be wondering why Bush didn’t simply correct his mistake once he noticed? Well, that would be due to the fact that he attempted to ‘cast away‘ his accidental vote for Obama by selecting Cast Your Ballot.

As the Daily Currant reports:
A reporter who witnessed Bush’s debacle inside the polling center ambushed the former President as he was leaving:


Barred by ethics rules from using knowledge gained within a polling station, Everett waited for Bush to leave the facility and ambushed him with a trick question designed to fool him into revealing the news himself:

“Mr. President Fox News is reporting that you’ve accidentally voted for Barack Obama. Would you care to comment?”

Thinking that his mistake had already been found out, Bush sought to minimize the damage:

“Yes unfortunately because of the incompetence of the folks who designed the ballot, my vote counted for the other guy,” Bush responded.


Speaking of incompetence, after realizing his mistake in selecting Obama, Bush attempted to ‘cast away’ his mistake by selecting Cast Your Ballot:

Bush then explained that after marking the wrong candidate, he sought to correct his error by clicking the red “Cast Ballot” button, thinking that it was designed to ‘cast away’ the ballot and bring up a fresh one:

“Usually red means stop and green means go. I thought I was stopping”


In response to the unfortunate event, the former President and 1st lady reportedly have plans to launch the The George W. Bush Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Ballots Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too:

In an official statement released shortly after the event, former President Bush said his experiences today have inspired him to make electoral reform the signature cause of his post-presidency:

“Laura and I will be dedicating the next few years to fixing our electoral system. Every American deserves a clear, simple ballot when they go to the polling place.”

It appears that the manufacturer of the voting machine in question begs to differ with Mr. Bush on the competence level of those designing the machines vs. a certain former President attempting to cast his ballot:

“Until today we have never had a single instance of someone confusing the “cast ballot” button for a “cast away ballot” button. This is a problem unique to Mr. Bush, and we have no plans to change our machines.”