Gensler to Step Down as CFTC Chairman

H. Darr Beiser USAT

The WSJ is reporting that Goldmanite Gary Gensler has declined an invitation from President Obama to serve a second term as CFTC Chairman, and will leave the CFTC by the end of the year.
Apparently Goldman no longer needs their man at the CFTC now that the agency’s 5 year “investigation” into silver market manipulation has been put to rest.

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As the WSJ reports, Gensler will step down by the end of the year.   This follows Tuesday’s news that the CFTC’s head of enforcement David Meister (who has followed Gary Gensler step by step like a baby rat throughout his career) will step down as early as Tuesday.   Meister had reportedly not yet begun searching for a new job.
We suspect Mr. Gensler won’t have to put forth any effort searching for a new gig, as his successful handling of the silver manipulation incident for his bankster employers has no doubt kept him in line for a much more prominent and rewarding position.

The WSJ reports that new commissioner Mark Wetjen, former CFTC enforcement chief Geoffrey Aronow, New York Law School professor Ronald Filler and Assistant Treasury Secretary Timothy Massad are among those being considered to succeed Mr. Gensler.

The NY Times also names Amanda Renteria as a candidate for Gensler’s vacated position, and Ms. Renteria likely has fairly short odds of receiving the nomination, considering her pedigree as a fellow Goldman alumn.


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