GATA Chairman On Silver MASSACRE: “We Know WHO Did It, & WHY They Did It”

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy Joined Us To Break Down Today’s $2 BILLION Paper Silver Massacre:

Murphy Reveals Shares Were Slaughtered Ahead of Today’s Silver BOMBING, and This Is Leading To Something Spectacular In The Silver Market…



“CLASSIC GOLD CARTEL”   GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s Thoughts On the Latest 1.15 MILLION Oz Silver Drive-By Shooting:

  • We Know Who Did It, And WHY They Did It
  • They What’s Coming When We Take Out $21…Will Be Historic – Like Nothing Ever Seen Before
  • When It Goes, Its Going to Lead to One of the Most Chaotic and Volatile Moves to the Upside People Have Ever Seen
  • It’s Coming…It Will Begin Out of Nowhere

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