Fund Manager: Silver Will Be The Best Performing Asset In 2015

Silver has carved out a cyclical bottom formation and appears to in a solid uptrend. There is massive physical demand supporting this move.  For the last three-plus years, the precious metals market has been in a trading pattern in which you were supposed to sell the rallies.  Now silver – and the rest of the sector – appears to be in a pattern in which all dips should be bought/accumulated.  


Submitted by PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

Silver seems lately to be “percolating.”   For most of the last 4 years since silver hit a top in late April 2011, silver has been relentlessly manipulated lower using paper silver derivatives.  On some days silver (and gold) are literally pushed off the cliff.

But recently silver has been behaving quite a bit differently.  Myself and several others have observed that lately the broken cable elevator cliff drops given to silver by the Fed, and exacerbated by hedge fund computer programs, have been quickly followed by equally sudden and unexplained spikes back up and over $16.

But gold and silver are so undervalued, the central planners are having a difficult time holding gold below $1,200 and silver below $16.20. So it looks like both metals are ready to break higher.  – James Turk, King World News

Rory Hall of the The Daily Coin and I have produced a podcast for Shadow of Truth to shed a little insight into the recent silver action and why we think silver’s natural path of movement is now to the upside:


Year-to-date silver has outperformed every other major asset class. This probably seems hard to believe but, for instance, year-to-date the S&P 500 is up 2.8% but silver is up 6%.

I predicted in February that silver would be the best performing asset class of 2015.  I stand by my prediction.