Fund Manager & SGTreport Put the “No Gold & Silver Price Manipulation” in Their Place

Dave Kranzler explains the mechanics of precious metals price suppression and the fundamental reasons the cartel does it. Also, one of the most staunch “No Gold Manipulation” puppets around is called out, and what Dave & Sean uncover is shocking…

Dave Kranzler on SGTreport

In 2010, Jeffrey Christian explained that for every ounce of physical gold, there are at least 100 paper ounces traded. Since then, Jeffrey has been one of the most vocal “no manipulation” guys around.

But now, Jeffrey is saying something different, and Dave and Sean break down exactly what it means.

CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian has emerged from his Bankster paid-for hole once again, but this time he’s singing a different song. Instead of insisting that gold is overvalued for as far as the eye can see, he’s now saying $1700+ gold will soon be here, and that prudent folks should consider increasing their exposure to “real money” with an asset allocation of between 25-30% GOLD!

What has caused this anti-gold puppet to finally change his tune?!