Fund Manager Reveals Outlook: Don’t Expect to Find Gold & Silver Bargains in July!

PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joins the Show to Break Down the Big Move in the Metals & Markets: 

  • “It Smells Like Desperation”: Is The Day of Reckoning Almost Here?
  • Kranzler Believes If You Don’t Have Gold, You Have A Problem…
  • Kranzler Warns If the Dollar Does This, “All Hell Could Break Loose in Markets!” 
  • The Fund Manager Reveals His Outlook: Don’t Expect to Find Gold and Silver Bargains in July! 

A Must Listen Metals & Markets Begins Now! 


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It’s Not Just Bullion: “Smart Money is Throwing Money at the Miners”

US Mint Coin Sales slowed this week, with 505,000 Silver Eagle Coins sold, bringing May sales to 1,560,000, and year to date sales to 10,352,500.
The Mint however reported they have Sold Out of the Frederick Douglass 5 oz Silver ATB coin with one of the lowest mintages in the entire ATB series at just 20,000 coins.

US Gold Eagle sales remain subdued, with just 9,000 oz of American Gold Eagles sold to date in May, bringing 2017 totals to 181,000 oz.

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