Macro Factors All Point To A Much Higher Gold Price

It’s just a matter of time before we go back to $1900 gold and above…

Frank Holmes via Palisade Radio

Frank says gold is definitely in an uptrend and discusses how the global PMI manufacturing index peaked last year. The PMI index has a pretty good correlation with economic activity, commodities, and energy. The trade war has exacerbated the decline in the PMI.

Thirty percent of all government bonds around the world are going negative. We are due for a recession and governments are merely trying to postpone the inevitable by “strangulation through regulation” especially in Europe. Bonds are now a high-risk investment, and all of this is bullish for gold. It’s just a matter of time before we go back to 1900 gold and above.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Gold and trade wars.
2:40 – High-risk bonds.
3:50 – A.I. and Quant systems.
5:30 – Derisking exploration.
7:00 – E.U. risks and speculation.
10:00 – What Goldspot looks for.
14:20 – Negative yielding bonds and recession.
17:30 – Outlook for copper.