Fortunes Could Be Made In Next Gold Bull Move | E. B. Tucker

We’re in the first inning of the next gold move, and fortunes can be made with market moves like these, E. B. Tucker says…

E.B. Tucker, Independent Director of Metalla Royalty & Streaming interviewed by Elijah Johnson of Silver Doctors

E. B. Tucker

He thinks the Tech boom is over. He thinks some people will pull money from that sector and put it into precious metals. Gold will once again be seen as a safe-haven, something that hasn’t happened in many years.

He is calling for $1,500 gold in 2019.

Silver is more volatile and has more potential to the upside. The current 80/1 gold/silver ratio is not normal and should decline.

Should people invest in physical metal or the mining stocks? It depends on investors intentions. Tucker says mining stocks are for speculation while bullion is a sound asset.




About the Interviewer

Journalist Elijah Johnson, Co-Host of SD Weekly Metals & Markets, vaulted onto the economic scene after launching his “Finance and Liberty” YouTube Channel, to which he’s been called “the 16 year-old smarter than Ben Bernanke”. As one of the youngest sound money advocates around, with a eye on the national debt, the US dollar, and the gold & silver markets, Elijah is on a mission to warn and educate his generation about the risks of the current financial system, and what people can do to protect themselves.

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