Ex-ScotiaBank Director Remains Outspoken on Gold

A rather outspoken investment portfolio manager, Jaime Carrasco, has been making recent media rounds suggesting listeners consider prudent bullion allocations today.

A former ScotiaBank Director, Jaime continues to say things publicly that the established multinational commercial bank may not approve.

Born in Chile in the 1960s, Jaime stared his life in a country transitioning through a deepening economic and political crisis.

So severe and dire where his home country’s changes, he and his immediate family immigrated to Canada a year after the (US involved) military coup by Agusto Pinochet in 1973.

While military dictator Pinochet imposed a highly disputed reign of terror throughout Chile, his other reforms included an overhaul of Chile’s debt based economic system. Many contest these many economic reforms since, allowed Chile to become one of the best performing economies in the world and certainly the most stable one in Latin America.

Circling back to today, Jaime was recently interviewed by Palisade Radio embedded below.

Interview topics discussed:

  • Rising US Interest Rates & his ongoing Deutsche Bank concerns
  • COMEX gold silver price discovery ‘facade’ via outsized derivative trading
  • Why he remains bullish on precious metals as insurance
  • Rising US rates applying pressure in various financial markets
  • Why his ex-employer ScotiaBank, at the 15:40 mark banned his Business News Network (BNN) interviews
  • China just the latest ‘common foe’ of populism
  • Suggestion of having 20% of one’s liquid wealth in precious metals
  • Insider stock selling and stock buybacks vs misguided retail stock investors
  • 2008 vs 2018 and a potential proper monetary reset
  • For gold, the price rebound is likely headed to $2,000 oz USD and beyond
  • Hold some physical cash at home in case of emergency


If you listened closely at the 3:50 mark, Jamie also explicitly dropped CME Group chairman Terry Duffy’s name in the above posted interview (Terry is head of COMEX / NYMEX in case you did not know).

This is not the first time Jaime has explicitly cited Terry’s summer 2017 interview, about the disconnected gold and other precious metal prices. An excerpt you can hear for yourself below.

Also take a look at Jaime’s BNN interview from the spring of 2018 (only months after he left ScotiaBank).

We’re pretty sure said bank, would still disapprove of his ongoing commentary and tone.