Follow The Money: The Most Important “Policy” (Rigging Precious Metals)

Certainly, “rigging of gold and silver markets” is a taboo topic off limits to real inquiry by officials, who benefit from this system, but also…

by Bill Rice, Jr

A piece I wrote in response to an excellent Caitlin Johnstone column (which is actually about the “One-World Order”) tries to show the important role the Fiat Printing Press plays in just about every U.S. government policy. I argue the most important “policy,” is rigging precious metals “markets.” Here’s my piece:

As usual, Caitlin’s vision is 20-20 while 99 percent of opinion leaders require bizarre bifocals to concoct all the requisite and bogus “threats” that make possible an evil world-order.

But one genuine conspiracy (completely ignored) makes possible the funding of all of these bullying operations: The magic (fiat) printing press.

If any nefarious conspiracy is going to be exposed, one has to first “follow the money.” 

Key question: where does the “money” to fund the military might of the U.S. government (and NATO) actually come from? No, it doesn’t come exclusively from tax receipts …. growing percentages of this money actually come from government “borrowing” in the bond markets … an arrangement that is really a euphemism for printing money out of thin air.

The U.S. government employs both carrots and sticks to protect this magic and vital printing press. 

The carrot: If nations (and oligarch crony corporations) do use the U.S. dollar in economic transactions, they will be allowed to continue to participate in global finance and economics.

The stick: Those who do NOT “play ball” will be punished severely (via fiat-dollar sanctions). Nations that do not sign on will also be subject to “regime-change” operations now or in the future.

Basically, the “evil empire” of the U.S. government would not be possible without unlimited access to as much money as is required to ensure its military remains the biggest bully on the block. 

(It’s actually more than just military expenditures.  Basic operations – which keep enough of the population comfortable enough to also remain blind –  are also funded. For what it’s worth, these governmental outlays include rapidly growing pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, various “stimulus” payouts and funding of a large city of corrupt agencies etc. Take away this magic printing press and the Powers that Be might have 50 million Americans put off enough to actually attempt to drain the swamp).

In short, this printing press MUST be protected at all costs. If our rulers did NOT do this, the Status Quo would simply not be possible. This “Status Quo” of course also includes mind-boggling wealth creation for the oligarch “partners” who also agree to play along. The program of course benefits the 1 Percent, but also ensures the bottom 50 percent don’t go full kook and start talking about revolution.

The ONE development that might imperil this vital fiat-dollar printing press is if more people, nations or institutions actually lost faith in the U.S. dollar (and/or the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. government).

A sustained spike of gold and silver prices, history’s “real money,” would almost certainly produce a “canary in the coal mine” signal that would show that the masses are beginning to lose confidence in “Monopoly money.” The continuation of myriad evil scams would suddenly be in doubt.

So to protect the fiat printing press, the Powers that Be must continually attack sentiment for the “safe haven” assets of gold and silver. Which is exactly what they have done for years by manipulating said “markets.” 

With skeptics of the COVID narrative, the narrative-protectors created terms like “science deniers” and dangerous “misinformation” specialists to smear and silence dissenters.

For those of us who believe unlimited money printing is a catastrophe waiting to happen, they created labels like “gold bug” and “conspiracy kook” to neutralize any real push-back.

The propaganda program to vilify proponents of “real money” has been spectacularly successful. While our grandparents and great grandparents understood there is no “free lunch,” almost nobody today worries about unlimited money-printing.

Of all the conspiracies and scandals the “watchdog press” could easily expose (but won’t), the most important one would be the corrupt effort to rig precious metals markets – all to protect the Fiat Printing Press, which makes possible all the travesties that Caitlin and a few others rail against.

In today’s piece, Caitlin astutely observes: “Once you really see this you can never unsee it, because it tracks so consistently all across the spectrum.”

Here Caitlin is writing about a “one-world order” clearly orchestrated by officials in Washington. Far fewer people see with the same clarity the crimes and mass corruption that makes the financing and funding of all of this possible.

Russia and China must get this, which is why they have been acquiring as much physical gold as they could in recent years. They must sense that the “end game” in this geopolitical chess game will come down to a battle between real money and Washington’s Monopoly money.

If these and other nations want to defeat America’s efforts to implement their complete agenda, powerful nations who are not members of America’s Fiat Club are going to have to throw a giant wrench into the gears of the U.S. government’s Magic Printing Press.

Once upon a time, I thought many conspiracies were implausible. I thought this because I believed that if too many people knew what was really happening, some “whistleblower” would eventually talk and expose it.

I’ve now come to believe that the more people who benefit from a conspiracy, the less likely it is that any conspiracy will ever be exposed. And the Mother of All conspiracies is the effort to protect the fiat printing press – which won’t be exposed because too many powerful and wealthy people benefit from this crooked house.

The Biggest Scandal of Them All is that the watchdog corporate press has been completely captured and will never expose any of the world’s important conspiracies. Certainly, “rigging of gold and silver markets” is a taboo topic off limits to real inquiry by officials (who of course benefit from this system) but also, surreally, for investigative journalists.

Anyway, the one-world-order folks deserve congratulations for making sure that no one (who matters) is willing to “follow the money.” As long as the public remains oblivious to the system that is being used to protect the fiat printing press no real or positive change is likely to happen.


Bill Rice, Jr. is a freelance journalist in Troy, Alabama. He can be reached by email at: