Fix History, Cartel Raids PMs: Silver Smashed to $19.45, Gold Knocked Under $1300

The Battle Royale continues as the cartel has hammered gold back under $1300 once again with a last of $1293, and silver has been knocked under $19.50 to $19.45 on heavy volume the first day without an official London Silver Fix. 


Silver smashed under $19.50:


Is anyone surprised that the metals are crashing on the first day of the new LBMA/CME silver fix? (The new electronic silver fix officially has only 3 participants as of today, HSBC, Scotia Mocatta, and Japanese bank Mitsui and Co.). 


Gold knocked back under $1300 yet again: 

The cartel is clearly attempting to paint a weekly reversal onto the charts and cap the weekly close under $1300.
Will they be successful in holding gold down through the close?