CEO’s Inside View: Big Institutions Are Using This Correction to Enter the Gold and Silver Bull Market

With Gold and Silver’s Correction Continuing, Top Mining CEO Keith Neumeyer Joined the Show For An Insider’s Perspective On the Early Stages of a Major Bull Market:bankster

  • “No One’s Ever Done This” Neumeyer Reveals How He Paid “Virtually Nothing” For Gold and Silver
  • First Mining Finance – Keith Neumeyer is So Convinced Gold Prices Are Going Higher He’s Built a Company to BANK In Ground Bullion
  • The CEO Reveals Big Institutions Are Using This Correction to Enter the Gold and Silver Bull Market

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Gold bullion sales remained strong across the industry this week as gold prices rallied throughout the first half of the week, then sold off with renewed fears of a September rate hike by the FOMC. 

The US Mint sold 12,500 1 oz Gold Eagles, bringing monthly Gold Eagle sales to 17,500 coins, and year to date sales to 620,500 oz. 

In Silver:

Retail silver demand was subdued for much of the week as silver spot prices climbed back above $20/oz before plunging over $1 on Thursday and Friday.
The dip brought strong demand back into the market. 

Wholesale premiums on 90% Junk Silver Coins remained stable this week. 
2016 Silver Eagle sales reported by the US Mint came in at only 170,000 coins this week, a big decline from last week’s 410,000 number, and back down to the approximately 150,000 coins/week sold throughout most of July and August.   As the majority of the week’s retail business was done on Friday’s big market dip (along with Monday’s Labor Day holiday), expect next week’s sales numbers from the US Mint to be much stronger. 

This brings year to date Silver Eagle sales numbers to 29,210,500 coins.  

The US Mint is set to release the 30th Anniversary 2016 Silver Eagle Proof next Friday, which will likely be one of the most highly sought after Silver Eagle proofs in recent years.

*Disclaimer: Both The Doc and Eric Dubin are fully biased on both First Mining Finance and First Majestic Silver, owning shares in and believing in the management and fundamentals of both companies.

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