First Majestic CEO Keith Neumeyer, “I am a Triple Digit Silver Guy, so I think we are going back to a ratio of silver to gold in the 20 range.”

Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp.,  Exclusive Radio Interview With BullRun of

When asked on his views of the future of the metal….

I am comfortable with investing part of our revenue or part of our earnings into the metal.

We did invest $10 million in the PSLV which is Sprott’s ETF.  We are the only mining company that actually invested in that fund.  Quite surprisingly to me, I communicated with I think 5 other silver mining companies’ CEOs over a period of week prior to that offering by Sprott.  I told them that First Majestic would participate in the offering and I asked them to participate as well.  Not one of them did to my surprise.  We are happy to do it, but it was a bit surprising that other miners did not participate. 

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Interview was conducted on 2/15/2012


About First Majestic and their Silver Store

First Majestic Silver Corp. is a producing silver company aggressively pursuing its business plan of

becoming a senior silver producer through the development of its existing assets and a purposeful

acquisition plan. First Majestic currently owns three producing silver mines in Mexico: La Encantada, La

Parrilla and San Martin. The Company has one additional mine under construction, the Del Toro Silver

Mine, which is set to become First Majestic’s fourth producing mine. As well, the Company acquired the

La Luz Silver Project, an old mining district, in late 2009, and is currently in the process of exploration

and permitting.

In 2008, First Majestic began minting its silver bullion for shareholders requesting physical silver.

Since then, demand has soared to unexpected heights with the growing interest in silver bullion,

subsequently, growing First Majestic’s online bullion sales into a dynamic component of the Company.

The technologically innovative approach employed by First Majestic further establishes the company as

a leader in the field, and offers incredible value to investors and shareholders alike. First Majestic is the

first and only mining company to offer its own high quality silver coins, ingots and bars for sale directly

to investors, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to invest in this valuable commodity

at reasonable prices and with relative ease. With one of the lowest premiums over spot price that you

will find online, investors are often thrilled to discover that they get proof like coins at bullion pricing

with First Majestic. The distinctive designs featured on our First Majestic’s coins, ingots and bars are a

testament to the custom quality craftsmanship that goes into creating each silver product.

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