Financial Journalist William Cohan Responds to Calls Urging Publication of PM Manipulation Exposé

Last week we published a note from our good friend Ned Naylor-Leyland regarding a “bombshell development” in the PM manipulation story, calling for renowned financial journalist William Cohan to publish his in-depth expose of gold and silver manipulation by the Western banking cabal.  
Bombarded by emails from precious metals investors, Mr. Cohan has responded.
It appears the ball is not in his court…

Dr. Dave Janda welcomed William Cohan onto his weekly Radio Show Operation Freedom Sunday to discuss his silver manipulation exposé. 
Interview is a MUST LISTEN:
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To:  addressees
Thank you all for writing me regarding Andrew Maguire’s story of alleged “manipulation” in the silver market.  As you may know, I was approached 11 months ago by a PR representative of Mr. Maguire’s who wanted to introduce me to Andrew and to his attorney Gordon Schnell, at Constantine Cannon, in New York. I found what Andrew had to say very interesting, especially so in light of a piece I had written in the New York Times about the silver market three years ago.  A Conspiracy With a Silver Lining
I wrote up the story and submitted it to a national publication in the United States, which decided not to publish it. I then tried another, national financial publication, which also decided not to publish it.
I then abandoned hope that the story would be published.
About a month ago, Ned Naylor-Leyland contacted me and suggested that Zero Hedge might publish the story.  I thought that would be a fine idea.
Unfortunately, Mr. Schnell did not like the idea of Zero Hedge, nor apparently did his clients. They also declined to approve the use of key facts and key quotations that I felt needed to be included in the story to give it credibility. Part of my agreement with them was that they would be given quote approval and without their approval, I could not use their quotations or their information.
They did not approve. At that point, without their cooperation, I did not feel the piece could be published. I explained that to Mr. Naylor-Leyland but he didn’t seem much interested in those facts and then went on to encourage the publication of the piece to which you are all responding.
All of which is to say, you are directing your passion to the wrong person. If you want the piece published, you need to reach out to Mr. Maguire and Mr. Schnell.
Thank you for your interest and your passion on this topic.
William D. Cohan


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