Fed Prints Money Or The Whole Thing Blows Up (Good For Gold & Silver, Bad For Dollar)

Gold and silver to close much higher by the end of the year? 

Craig Hemke interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter

Hemke says all this dollar printing and interest rate suppression is a good thing for precious metals and a very bad thing for the U.S. dollar.  Hemke explains, “You’ve got people saying I don’t want to use the dollar anymore.  These are all significant consequences to everything that led up to the last three weeks, but now, the events of the last three weeks are spinning it that much faster.”

Hemke is still expecting gold and silver to close much higher by the end of the year.  How much higher is anyone’s guess?  There are some things you can count on, and Hemke predicts, “Covid is not going away. Confidence in the U.S. monetary system continues to get chipped away.  The taper is impossible.  The Fed not monetizing the debt is impossible, they have to. . . . prices of gold and silver are going to soar.”


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