False Flag Over Ukraine? These Videos Raise Compelling Questions

planeThe following videos raise many questions regarding MH17 that deserve further investigation.  
Was MH17 shot down over Ukraine as a false flag? 
The just emerged videos below raise compelling questions: 

From Eric Dubin, The News Doctors

TND is posting these to raise awareness of the data and the arguments made so as to stimulate further investigation and debate.

The cache timestamps referenced in the first video is important data.  But wouldn’t it be possible that the server’s internal clock was incorrect?  As forensic investigators reviewing open source data and information, how best can researchers address the timestamp issue, either further substantiating or weakening this data point — with more detailed documentation?

The second video makes an interesting point about a Spanish national air traffic controller.  Following that thread further would probably be very productive.

Tell us what you think.  TND welcomes well written submissions.  We will consider publishing material we can vet, and material that raises more questions than answers so long as the author demonstrates very clear logic and sound research.   Post in the comment section below or send email to “Eric” at TheNewsDoctors.com

Source:  DAHBOO7 YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/DAHBOO77

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