Existence of Banking Oligarchy Going Mainstream

MarketWatch.com, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company ran a commentary piece yesterday by Paul Farrell entitled, “Big Banks Conspiracy is destroying America.”   It reads as if Mr. Farrell and popular “alternative” newsletter writer Jim Willie swapped bodies.
Last month, SilverDoctors.com discussed the significance of some US Congressional representatives taking a more proactive regulatory stand in the context of investment banks manipulating commodities markets (not precious metals – but still).  JP Morgan didn’t exit their profitable physical commodities business lines because they wanted to.  Voices critical of the banking oligarchy are on the rise, and JP Morgan’s decision was taken within this context.  It was, as SilverDoctors.com argued, a calculated political decision taken as a cost of doing business.
Perhaps the level of corruption and financial system rot has reached the point where the establishment must employ a “limited hangout” strategy, shining the light of truth from time to time just to keep the ponzi going.  Regardless, it’s noteworthy that the mainstream discussion is moving into realms once thought to be the land of tin foil hat nutteryIt’s about time.
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