Eric Sprott: “You’ve Got To Put Up With It So The Commercials CAN SCALP”

Eric Sprott says that the commercials have been scalping at the COMEX hedge funds and speculators to cover their shorts. However, recent events are very bullish for gold and silver prices going forward…

Craig Hemke interviews Eric Sprott on Sprott Money News

Topics this week includes the latest round of flushing of the specs from the markets. The good news is that once the latest flush is finished, the price will again start to rise.

There is also discussion of macro economics pertaining to the Trump Tax Plan and the developing crisis with the pension and retirement systems in the U.S.

Finally, Eric discusses recent mining and exploration efforts that have been going on in Australia, which includes some pretty interesting discoveries along what has long since been a seabed.

Now is a great time to be buying gold to take advantage of this latest whack job on the precious metals. Right now they have succeeded in working the price back down, just as they do over and over and over again as long as the paper scheme goes on.

She here’s the latest wrap up, for September 29th, 2027, of macroeconomic fundamental news on the on the economy in general, and the gold and silver markets in particular.