Eric Sprott: Mint Sales Are Terrible But They May Not Be Taking Orders As They Have No Gold To Sell

Eric says it’s hard to really know what’s going on because there’s just not enough gold out there to satisfy the true demand. Here’s more…

Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap-Up

That’s another week in the books, and Eric Sprott returns once again to break it down for you. In this week’s wrap-up, you’ll hear his thoughts on:

  • What a weak US jobs report means for gold and silver
  • The “terrible vulnerability” of the stock market
  • Plus: Surging open interest in COMEX silver

“The big worry when I look at the stock market in general … I would be very concerned about some of the things that are happening on a macro scale. And one of them, of course, is what happened to cryptocurrencies … It’s a wipeout! People doing exactly the wrong thing with their money … And it just tells you about markets. Let’s go to the stock market … [Facebook, Google, Amazon…] They’re getting picked off one by one. When the big ones start going, you better head for the hills … I just think that this stock market is looking terribly vulnerable. I wouldn’t want to be in it. There are so many things that can go wrong here.”