Eric Sprott: Summer Is Breaking-Out – And So Is Gold

It could be a long day indeed for bankers…

Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke at Sprott Money News

Today marks the summer solstice: the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year. And as gold continues its breakout, it could be a long day indeed for bankers.

On this edition of the Wrap-Up, Eric Sprott gives you all the gold and silver news you need, including:

• Why top of range targets aren’t as crazy as they might seem

• How the breakout will affect the mining shares

• Plus: Why the U.S. price will catch up fast

“I love going back to the call we had three weeks ago, when I said I’d read an article that I really believed in that suggested gold would have a rally for 5-7 weeks… We’ve had three of them now! This rally started at $1275. We’re at $1400. That gentleman, Chris Vermeulen, and I’ve got to give him credit for being prescient… The first target was $1450, but he actually thought it was going to go to $1650. And I want the listeners to think about that: $1650! What would happen?”