Eric Sprott: “We Don’t Need To Know Your DAMN CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATES”

Eric says “As investors, we need to know stuff…I need to know where we will be in three years, TODAY!”…

Eric Sprott’s Keynote Speech from The Hard Asset Conference on Jekyll Island

Price increases in the gold market have a significant impact on the profit line of a company. Price is more important than production. We are in an exciting environment for speculation. Some things are speculative, and some investments are well reasoned sure bets with limited down-sides.

Eric says to look for opportunities where you can get multiples on your money and where the downside risk is less than 50%. If you know you have a good investment than all you have to do is sit back and wait for it to play out.

Mr. Sprott discusses several companies that he has a stake in and why he thinks they are good opportunities. It’s difficult when you have a winner to determine how much further a stock can go up. You need to look at how much higher it can go up and look for even better opportunities. Try not to get scared out of your trade. Eric doesn’t believe in technical analysis he prefers fundamentals.

Company management shouldn’t be conservative when it comes to pricing things they should be realistic. As investors, we need to know what is going on. You want to see the future early and know where things are going today not next year.